CHECKLIST – 72 Hour Emergency Kit


A basic 72 hour kit is a good minimum level of preparedness. In case of a severe winter storm, hurricane, or some other event that disrupts normal life a good emergency kit will be extremely welcome. These kits can be put together for friends and family as well and given “just in case.”

Adjust and customize as needed:

[   ] Three gallons water per person

[   ] Three days supply of food – canned goods requiring no cooking is ideal. Military MREs are perfect. A Mountain House Freeze Dried Food bucket is also an excellent option requiring only water to prepare.

[   ] Flashlight – a durable high quality LED flashlight with extra batteries should be part of the kit.

[   ] Radio – cell phones may not be working and the power may be out. An inexpensive AM/FM radio is a minimum.

[   ] First Aid Kit

[   ] Multi Tool – these offer a variety of functions in one small package. The Gerber Suspension is a good choice.

[   ] Several rolls of toilet paper and needed feminine products

[   ] Four washcloths/hand towels, 2 bottles rubbing alcohol (sanitation cleaning)

[   ] Copies of documents such as birth certificates, insurance policies, and drivers licenses.

[   ] Back up battery chargers kept plugged in – for cell phones.

[   ] List of family and friends with phone numbers/addresses.

[   ] $100 in cash  – small bills.

[   ] 3-4 blankets

[   ] Large tarp

[   ] Bic lighters – 2

[   ] Duct tape

[   ] Hard candy – morale booster

As stated customize to fit your needs and location.