Changes at ModernSurvivalOnline

It is with a heavy heart and a healthy dose of excitement that I announce ModernSurvivalOnline is under new ownership.

A few weeks ago I was approached about selling it. The decision was not easy. Since May 29th, 2010 I have put countless hours into this website and passing the torch onto someone else was not something I had been considering. After weighing my options and using logic rather than emotion the decision came fairly quickly. It is in mine and my families best interest to move on to other things. 

Dan Stevens will be taking over. Dan is originally from Europe and has been prepping for a few years. He also has some like-minded friends who will be writing for him as well. I have no doubt Dan will do great things with MSO. Regular readers are used to Rourke always being here but please give him a chance. 

So – what will I be doing?

A couple of days ago it was mentioned that I was starting a new website. I am excited about this new opportunity. This new site will be quite different than MSO. I will be discussing current events, politics, health, fitness, life philosophy, firearms, preparedness – and outdoor adventures. I believe the site will provide a fresh perspective with this unique combination of topics. Everything is still in the early planning stages.

With the extra time I will have a lot more family time is planned. Spending more time outdoors enjoying God’s creation is something I can’t get enough of. I am looking forward to more weekend and day trips as well.

I truly appreciate the loyalty and the kinship that has been shown. This does not have to mean goodbye. If you wish to receive updates on my future projects please click on this link and sign up. I promise – no SPAM.

Rather than saying goodbye – let’s go with “See you later.

Take care all – 




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35 thoughts on “Changes at ModernSurvivalOnline”

  1. Rourke,
    Sorry to see you go from MSO. I wish you well in your new endeavors and hope you enjoy your new found time with your family. More time with our love ones is something we should all strive for. I hope MSO will continue with the same great info that I have come to expect and hope that the old commentors will continue to read and comment on the articles. Good luck.

  2. Change…..that is one of the constants in life. We will see what it brings and go with it. Yes, i hope to see the regulars still comment AND participate in the new endeavor you have on the horizon. Keep us posted on this and the property possibility you told us of earlier…we all still be the same people with the same concerns, just different logistics. Hopefully this will be a benefit to you Rourke, Dan AND all of us…..will wait and see.

  3. Rourke you can be proud of what you have accomplished here, many of us who have been around for quite a while have enjoyed where the site has gone throughout the years and with professionalism being the highest emphasis. We wish you the best of luck in your new direction and we look forward to your wisdom in your new endeavor.

    Scott R.

  4. Change is good! Keep it fresh and exciting. Any time spent outdoors marveling at Gods creations and color pallets, beats sitting in front of a PC. I’m envious and hope to see your next site soon.

  5. I will continue to read MSO. It will change, of course. For better or worse is yet to be seen. Good luck Dan.

    I am also excited about the new site Rourke. Looking forward to that. Good luck in the new endeavor.

    And a safe, prosperous, blessed Happy New Year to all.

  6. I will remain with MSO give Dan a try( good luck Dan). Will also keep up with the new website.
    Good luck John in your future endeavors!

  7. Oh this is sad news. I never dreamed you would sell the site. Good luck on your future site. It was a great run, and hopefully your next site will be fulfilling.

  8. John,
    Been following you from the start and sorry to see you leave. I like to follow you with your new site. Please send let me know when it’s up and running. Not sure if I will stay on board here.
    Dan, if your a socialist I’m gone.

  9. @Kevin…lol. Agreed. Sorry for the lack of initial trust Dan. Among most things, I’m sure it’s more a “prepper thing” to be really cautious. I’m sure you can relate. Hopefully, this will be a great opportunity for you and us, but honestly, I’m not sure I will be back. I’m sad to see Rourke go, because it’s more like a family here. *Sigh*…we’ll see.

  10. I can understand you taking advantage of a new challenge and hope your MSO work gave you a reward worthy of your hard work over the years. I would like to welcome Dan and wish you, John, a bright future. Thanks for your efforts and God bless your future plans. I will be with you in your new endeavor and will welcome and follow Dan on MSO. Good luck to you both.

  11. I think I have previously offered my services if the need arises in either of your site endeavors. I am an ordained minister/pastoral counselor, a chaplain, and a licensed clinical pastoral counselor (LCPC). I have my own website and counseling ministry and am a serious prepper and survivalist.

  12. Thank you Rourke, for all the hard work dedication you put into MSO. Thank you for reading my comments, replying to them and reading my entries into the writing contests. I wish you well in your new endeavors. Keep us posted on when the new site goes up. And to everyone else, lets give the new guy a chance. I did a few joint training exercises when I was in the military, with some European and Australian units, and they knew their stuff. So here’s to wishing Rourke good luck, and a welcome to the new guy.

  13. Best wishes Rourke.I hope you got as much reward out of MSO as we gained in knowledge and fellowship. Catch you on the other side.

    Stay Safe All

  14. Rourke, best wishes to you and your family in the new endeavor. It’s been a real joy to follow you and the MSO family of contributors.
    Please notify me when your new web site is up.
    Dan, welcome to the group.

  15. Rourke, we wish you the best. Thank you for all the hard work. I’ve learned a great deal as well. Best of luck and will be watching in anticipation!!
    Dan, being from Europe I trust you’ve seen the pitfalls socialism. Giving you the benefit of doubt and look forward to seeing what you bring to the table. Here we use the term “you got some big shoes to fill”
    Best of luck to you as well!!

  16. Change sucks, but it’s good to see friends grow, welcome Dan, you’ve got some big shoes to fill, rourke, I’ll hear from you soon with the new sight I hope. When can we expect a introduction from Dan?

  17. I admit to not being the biggest fan of change, but things are a changing none the less. Rourke, I wish you the very best and look forward to hearing from you in the future. God’s speed with your new endeavors and adventures…..

  18. Sorry to see you leave MSO! I followed you from the Emergency Essentials site. I never went back there. Not saying this is the case here, but I am not making any promises either. Personalities aside, it is hard for me to comprehend ANY European holding our same philosophies on survival, considering their Socialist leaders disarmed them decades ago. In America, we are a “Gun Culture”. Anyway, Best Of Luck To You! GOD BLESS, KEEP THE FAITH BROTHER!

  19. Best of luck sir with your future endeavors – I appreciate all the work you have put into this and intend on checking in with the ‘New Guy’ to see if he continues your good work. :^)

  20. Thanks Rourke, I don’t contribute often, but you have been my favorite site for the past couple years. I wish you well, and I can’t wait for the new venture to start. Enjoy the family, enjoy the camping, re-Find yourself as they say, And again, can’t wait for the new project.

  21. i am from england we are all not left wing socialists. the uk preppeers keep a low of luck with the new site and give the new guy a break.

  22. John, Sorry to hear you are leaving MSO, but taking a hard look at your life and enjoying the many wonders God has provided is important…I hope you got a great reward for all of your hard work and time you put into MSO…I will give Dan and his team a chance to prove their worth everyone should at least get that.
    I’m also happy to hear you are starting a new site so I look at it as “Oh Boy another great site” rather than being bummed out that you are leaving MSO.
    See you at the other site and I hope you make some contributions here as well from time to time. Good Luck John, keep us posted…

    Dan, I hope that you can pass the muster on MSO. I enjoy this site. and have made some contributions as well. I hope you will allow us to continue to do so. Sometimes a different view of things is just what the Dr ordered I’m hoping that this will be the case. Maybe a little less political and more informative but sometimes they go hand in hand, so don’t sugar coat anything, tell it like it is, give you and your teams opinions, and you just may get a good following. Nuff said Good Luck!!

  23. Sorry to see you go. I still miss SCP, so I don’t come here often, and I agree with many of those above that a European, even if he’s not a Socialist, just won’t have the same mindset.


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