Mossberg 702 Plinkster .22LR Full Review

I find the .22LR the most fun cartridge to shoot. Cheap with low recoil – a few dollars can provide a few hours of shooting fun. With that said – there are also many .22LR firearms that can be purchased inexpensively. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I visited my brother on Georgia who lives on 42 acres … Read more

Smith & Wesson Model 22A .22LR Pistol

A few months ago I was in the market for a .22LR pistol. After looking at numerous models available – I selected the Smith & Wesson 22A. Why? Well – my local gun shop had it in stock for one. I read several reviews on it and liked what was reported. I also had an … Read more

Customizing the Ruger 10/22 Tactical

Ruger 10/22 tactical trainer

The Ruger 10/22 is the rimfire rifle which most all others are compared. Most every like-minded survivalist I know owns one (or more).  I have decided to add another 10/22 to my collection. Why? In many ways a semi-automatic .22 rifle is an ideal SHTF weapon. It is lightweight, easy to shoot, and equally at … Read more

Gun maintenance supplies to put back…

Maybe not for your typical severe winter storm or short term power outage – but in a long-term WROL situation, having firearm maintenance supplies is important. Keeping your firearms functioning properly – well….. just makes sense doesn’t it? So – what type of things should be put back? First – cleaning supplies. An assortment of … Read more

How to Build Your Own AR-15

by Gilfner I recently completed a project AR-15, M-4 style.  I am really pleased with how it came out. There are some advantages to building one yourself.  First is cost, but not necessarily the overall cost.  It’s the ability to “pay as you go”.  What I mean by this is you can pay for the … Read more

Firearms in a TEOTWAWKI

By Gilfner Lately I’ve been thinking real hard about firearms in a TEOTWAWKI situation.  Maybe it’s just  me trying to find a way to justify to my wife the purchase of more guns.  I really love guns of all types, they just fascinate me and I can’t really explain why. Part of what I’ve been … Read more

Umarex EBOS Fully Automatic BB Machine Gun Review

Umarex EBOS BB machine gun

Just in case of a zombie squirrel attack – I have taken steps to prepare to protect my family. Introducing the UMAREX EBOS fully automatic BB machine gun. The EBOS (which stands for Electronic Burst of Steel) is just plain fun! Running at a cost of a little over $100, this airgun provides a lot of fun … Read more

Girls and Guns

by Amber Waldroup When it comes to guns, I admit, I let my husband handle them. He knows the ins and outs of each gun, how to take them apart, clean them, and put them back together, and what to shoot with what gun. He lets me handle the food and other supplies. I know … Read more

Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot Sight Review

StrikeFire Red Dot Sight and accessories

I got home today and found that my mail-man brought me a new toy – a Vortex Strikefire red dot sight. I have been interested in this sight for my Stag AR for quite some time. Having researched and read many reviews as well as watched several YouTube video’s – most all the information I … Read more

10 Effective Weapons Against Zombies


Zombies irritate me. It’s always in the middle of the night they come scratching on a window. Sometimes it is while I am out grilling burgers when they come around with an half an eye hanging out of their head. Jeeze, show some respect! I think by now the zombie craze has mostly faded, at … Read more

Best All-Around Survival Weapon-The SKS

After talking to Rourke about doing this post I put a lot of thought into what I believed would be an all-around, medium priced Survival weapon.  This is based off the fact that If I was only allowed one weapon that would serve as a defense weapon as well as one that could be used … Read more

Looking for a defensive pistol?

I came across a really good deal and thought I would pass it on – Palmetto State Armory has a Sig Sauer SP2022 Pro 9mm semi-automatic pistol for sale at an ultra low $349.00. This is cheap. I do not know how long this deal will be on for – but I am hoping to … Read more

My Visit to The Palmetto State Armory

gun store

I recently visited an awesome “gun shop” that is within driving distance of my home. I put gun shop in quotes because although they carry many firearms – they also carry a huge selection of accessories as well. They are not your ordinary gun shop. The place I am talking about is Palmetto State Armory … Read more

An American Classic: The Marlin 336

The Marlin 336 retails for around $500 and is among the most ubiquitous rifles on the used market. In its most common configuration (pistol grip, 20” barrel, 30-30) it can usually be had for around $300.  Leveraction rifles are typically immune to the restrictions and/or prohibitions that some localities assign to semi-automatic rifles.  The 30-30 … Read more

My Journey into the World of Guns

Feb 23rd… On my 43rd birthday I asked for a unique gift. Not that I really wanted it but I felt like I really needed it. I asked my husband to hire someone to train me to shoot guns. I wanted the whole kit and caboodle about how different guns work, how to handle them … Read more

Magpul AR magazines

You can have the best battle rifle but it is little more than an expensive ill-designed club without ammunition and a magazine to feed it. I have had my AR for well over a year now and have tried several magazines from different manufactures. I have been impressed overall with all as I have had … Read more