Review: Aegis Hybrid Holster

As someone that carries concealed on a regular basis this past summer was challenging. Currently my carry sidearm is a Smith & Wesson M&P9 full sized 9mm. My regular Fobus holster does not do well to help conceal the M&P when dressed in shorts and a t-shift. I recently received an Aegis “Shield” Hybrid holster … Read more

Firearm Review: Henry Arms US Survival Rifle……..

This post was originally published HERE on ModernSurvivalOnline.   Introduction: The Henry US Survival AR-7 Rifle is the latest rendition of the USAF AR-7 that many Air Force pilots carried “just in case” for the last 40+ years. Even today it can be found stored away by many backpackers, bush pilots, and ATV riders. The AR-7 is … Read more

Top 3 firearms when on a budget…..

In today’s volatile economy there are many out there preparing for bad times ahead and are frustrated due to tight budgets. Firearms are expensive but a very necessary part of any preparedness system. My opinion on this subject changes from time to time. New firearms are brought to market, political “storms” can influence selections, and, … Read more

On Re-loading

             The great ammo panic of 2013 didn’t really affect me. Why not? Metallic reloading: making your own ammunition from components.             Decades ago when I was a competitive shooter, I jumped into reloading with both feet. The quantity of ammo that I needed to shoot to be competitive demanded it. I was not born … Read more

How much ammo is enough?

ammo on store shelf

I had written about this before back in December of last year and my opinion have changed substantially. I think the recent ammunition and magazine shortages woke me up to the realization that someday you may be faced with the situation that what you have – is all you have – forever. Consider that for … Read more

On Force Multipliers (Night Vision)

  …On Force Multipliers (Night Vision)             Night vision, Passive, Infra-red, and thermal may well be the best investment that you can make to protect your stores and loved ones. I suspect when the seams of society unravel that the night will truly be the stuff of nightmares.             If you have made good inroads … Read more

Gear Review: Millet Designated Marksman Scope

by Jesse James, Editor-at-Large Features: 18 MOA donut Illuminated reticle 1 MOA dot 1-4x magnification 24mm Objective diameter 30mm tube Waterproof to 3 ft. (tubes are completely waterproof, but not electronics) Fogproof -40F-140F 18 oz. ~$225   While it has been quite a while since I have had the privilege to contribute to MSO, rest … Read more

Thoughts on the shotgun as a “one gun” arsenal

A common thread with lots of comments at forums all over the net is “If you could only have one gun….what would it be?” I try to stay away from discussions like that because they tend to end up with bickering and displays of juvenile antics. The truth is most of us do not have to have only one … Read more

Review: ProMag Polymer AR 30-rd Magazine

  During my recent trip to my bug out location in Georgia I had the opportunity to test a new ProMag polymer 30 round AR magazine. I paid $17.99 at my local gun shop. With the current demand on magazines for AR’s there have been several companies that have come out with new versions of … Read more

Why I zero my AR at 50 yards

First off – my eye’s are not what they used to be. 100 yards with a non-magnified optic looks pretty far. 200 yards with a non-magnified optic or open sights is extremely far especially considering target identification. Anyways  – back to why I zero my AR at 50 yards. The M193 55 grain 5.56mm round … Read more

The Surefire 60-round AR Magazine

Although it appears that AR-type firearms as well as magazines seem to be in much better supply than just a couple months ago, magazine such as the Surefire 60 60-rd capacity remain in very high demand. I managed to acquire two samples for testing. With the higher prices on .223 and 5.56 ammunition – testing was limited … Read more

Have you standardized your calibers?

Standardizing calibers is often a popular topic at various preparedness and firearm forums all over the ‘net. The belief is by limiting the number of calibers that your firearms are chambered as well as possibly having common calibers between firearms – you can minimize the chance of running out of ammunition for one gun – thus making … Read more

Equipment Review: HC3R Ruger 10/22 Magazine

Higher capacity aftermarket magazines for the Ruger 10/22 have been hit or miss for many years. With the release of the factory Ruger BX-25 magazine, 10/22 owners finally had a reliable higher-than-standard capacity magazine available to them. I honestly felt that there would be no more non-Ruger magazines produced as how could they possibly compete. … Read more

Shooting the Kel-Tec Sub-2000 9mm carbine

So many guns, not enough money. Well – this is true unless you know someone and can borrow theirs. A couple weeks ago I had the chance to borrow a friends Kel-Tec Sub-2000 9mm Carbine. I have been interested in owning one of these for the past coupe years but it just never happened. Over … Read more

Air Rifles and Survival

by Robert Nelson,  Port Charlotte Florida I hear a lot of people talk about different guns they have, how much ammo they have in their basement or bug out location.  What guns is the best, what ammo is best?  Should I buy reloading gear?  I hear every gun under the sun.  From .22LR to very large bore rifles.  … Read more

Henry Arms US Survival Rifle Review

The Henry US Survival AR-7 Rifle is the latest rendition of the USAF AR-7 that many Air Force pilots carried “just in case” for the last 40+ years. Even today it can be found stored away by many backpackers, bush pilots, and ATV riders. The AR-7 is known for its unique ability to disassemble in several components and store it … Read more

First Impressions: CamelBak Delta-5 Accessory Pouch Kit

The folks over at Botach Tactical had this CamelBak Delta 5 MOLLE Attachable Pouch Kit on sale for $15.00. I am putting together a couple of MOLLE  tactical vests and ordered up this kit to try out. What follows are my initial impressions. After some field use I will report back more. This set includes several … Read more

Re-post: Stag Arms AR-15 .223/5.56 Carbine

  About 1 year ago I purchased this Stag AR-15 along with an assortment  high capacity magazines. Planned as one of my main defensive weapons – I am very pleased with the fit and quality. I have taken it to the range on several occasions and found it to be accurate and very reliable with all magazines … Read more

Range Safety Talking Points

  Range Safety Talking Points   By Gilfner   People that belong to a gun club or range probably don’t need this because the range will have their version of it & go over it every time people are on the range shooting.  I don’t belong to a range, I go into the woods outside … Read more

Special Report: Building a Survival Battery

Building a Survival Battery By John Rourke  Firearms must be an integral part of any survival and preparedness system. Why? The reason is simple. Consider a solar flare or EMP attack which causes most all electronics to fail-   The power grid is down. Communication methods do not work. All businesses are closed. No method … Read more

Ballistic protection during the cold war

Ballistic armor has come of age now, starting from the early ages of the 12th Century and they have changed shapes, sizes, designs and even come in different weights. A ballistic armor as we know is capable of protecting an individual from bullets, fired projectiles, or from impacts of some blasts. They come in different … Read more