10 Things You Can Do to Prep Right Now

atv in the woods

Prepping can sometimes seem like a daunting and time-consuming task that takes a lot of money to do right, especially for beginners or non-rural preppers. But, that is simply not so. Sure, there are many survival supplies that will have you digging deep into your pocket and activities that require multiple steps and preparation, but … Read more

Just What Constitutes SHTF?


“SHTF” is a time-worn and borderline cliché prepper acronym we have all heard, seen and continue to hear and see daily in prepping circles. What will you do when the SHTF? Where will you go when the SHTF? Has the SHTF? It never ends. Even so, it is an important concept. In case you have … Read more

Top 10 Biggest Killers in the United States and How You Can Avoid Them


Improving you day-to-day chances of survival dramatically now, before the SHTF, means you must take a long hard look at a specific set of factors that directly and substantially influence the threats you are living under. There are three major issues that impact your overall chances of survival: Medical History And Overall Health Where You … Read more

How to Prepare if You’re All Alone

man alone outside

Prepping can be difficult enough when you have your family, or at least a few survival companions to help you. If you are alone, truly alone, it can be extraordinarily difficult, not to mention very risky. The challenges you’ll face as a solo prepper will be enormous in all but the most basic of survival … Read more

What To Do if Someone Is Following You

dark street

You are walking down the street at night. You hear footsteps behind you. They are drawing closer, growing louder, and the tempo of the steps is increasing. What do you do? First, Don’t be Paranoid. Are you actually being followed? Situational Awareness Develop Situational Awareness to notice if you are being watched or followed. Start … Read more

How to Disappear for Good

girl making herself invisible

I disappeared almost two decades ago. I did it to leave behind abusive so-called family and supposed friends. I had to take extreme measure to protect my physical health and wellbeing, my sanity, to reach goals, and experience personal growth and development. I cringe at who I would be if I had remained in the … Read more

How to Spot Thieves, Thugs and Terrorists

man in public place

Self-defense minded citizens and preppers both are regularly admonished to stay alert, to keep on watch, to be vigilant for the predatory humans that we know are always out there, somewhere, sniffing for their next easy mark. Situational awareness might as well be made the 8th Virtue. Just one problem though; we are rarely told … Read more

Prepping for Non-Preppers

preppers on the homestead

You may have stockpiled all of the preps your family will need to last five years, have mastered a copious amount of survival skills, and live off the grid in a remote area – but are you prepped for accommodating friends, family and non-preppers into your post-apocalyptic life? Turning away a complete stranger is one … Read more

The Best EDC Water Bottles


Water is one of the most essential compounds for life. While water is very plentiful the world over a given water source often has some gotchas that prevent anyone from grabbing a gulp whenever they please. It might be frozen, too salty, too contaminated with germs, bugs and other biohazards or trapped way, way underground. … Read more

Easiest Ways to Die When SHTF

old woman

I am of the opinion, and I know it will be unpopular, borderline offensive to some, that most preppers really have no idea how dangerous disasters and other SHTF events can be. Unless they have had the misfortune to live through one, that is. Natural or man-made, accidental or divine wrath, it really does not … Read more

Can You Survive Without a Bug Out Bag?

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BOBs, or bug-out bags, those big packs preppers keep loaded with all manner of vital survival equipment and provision, feature so centrally in prepper doctrine and planning that you’d understandably think them utterly vital to survival. BOBs are important, no doubt about it, but how important are we talking, here? If a bug out bag … Read more

35 Survival Uses for Salt


by Megan If you’ve come across salt on the checklist of things to stockpile for a SHTF or survival situation, you might wonder what all the fuss is about. If you’re like me, you may not even use much salt on your food at all. When I first started prepping, I didn’t even put salt … Read more

Best of the Best AR and AK Pistol Braces

by Charles One trend currently sweeping the gun sphere, and for a great reason this time, is the “braced” AR or AK pistol. These short firearms are eminently handy, easy to procure and easier to transport legally. And while rifle cartridges and short barrels don’t necessarily go together like peanut butter and jelly, their appeal … Read more