The Basics of Prepping

preppers on the homestead

More and more people are preparing today. Why? There are a lot of reasons and if you are visiting this website; you likely already have yours. The bottom line is – this world is not a safe place, and it is just flat out common sense to put some supplies back, just in case. So, … Read more

Prepping for and Surviving Civil War

civil war

Quite a few preppers have based all of their training, accumulation of provisions and other material or intangible preparations on plausible, society-toppling events like a second civil war. The way things are going, a civil war is no longer purely theoretical. A never widening chasm between the Haves and the Have-Nots, increasing cultural balkanization and … Read more

How to Avoid and Survive a Kidnapping

man tied behind his back

Abduction and kidnapping has ever been a fixture of human violence. Be it done for purposes of ransom, as a psychological or emotional weapon or just to quench the sadism and bloodlust of the kidnapper, being the victim of such is certainly one of the most harrowing and most dangerous things that can possibly happen … Read more

How to Set-Up a Mutual Assistance Group

group of hikers

For preppers who lack the built-in survival group of a family made up of well-prepared people, like-minded friends or just a loose coalition of associates who they can turn to in times of trouble, the solution to the “lone wolf” prepping problem might be a mutual assistance group. A mutual assistance group, or MAG, is … Read more

Surviving SHTF in Your Car

ford truck

Bugging out is a central idea in prepping, and serious preppers are constantly refining, inventing and debating which procedures are best suited for keeping themselves and their families alive when the time comes to hit the road during a major disaster or some other crisis. For many preppers, making use of a motor vehicle’s speed … Read more

How to Designate and Fortify a Safe Room

locked old door

When most people think of a safe room, they envision a completely enclosed, hardened vault-like room within an existing structure that is completely safe against any threat, against any form of attack or natural disaster. While these popular conceptions certainly do qualify as safe rooms, and very good ones at that, this typical imagining is … Read more

30 Reasons to Stockpile Alcohol for SHTF

wine bottles

This sounds counter intuitive doesn’t it? Stockpiling alcohol however doesn’t mean being drunk and disorderly and unable to cope with the situation… In fact, there are a number of very good reasons why you should stockpile alcohol – particularly wine and spirits rather than beer, which does not have such a long shelf life. Drinking … Read more

How to Bug In – The Ultimate Guide

a cabin on the homestead

Bugging out is often thought to be the ideal response to all sorts of problems for preppers, but despite its iconic place in pepperdom, in most situations you are likely better off staying put, hunkering down, if at all possible. To bug-in, as the name suggests, is simply planning to stay put where you have … Read more

City Lockdown Survival and Preparation

police unit

Getting put under lockdown is certainly no fun, but can also be very unsettling, and can seriously cramp what survival plans you may have for dealing with the event that caused the lockdown in the first place. A city, state or nationwide lockdown will order civilians to shelter in place for the duration of the … Read more

Survival Hygiene:The Complete Guide

using hand sanitizer

Staying clean is not just a good idea in kind times in order to remain socially acceptable and claim your seat at the lunch table. Cleanliness is crucial to maintain good health even if the sky is falling or society is crumbling. You must not underestimate just how important it is to stay clean, even … Read more

10 Things Old Timers Did that You Should Do Too

farmers at trade market in the old days

The Generational Battle seemingly never ends, and while often well-intentioned and good-natured, it seems to have reached a nasty fever pitch these days. The older post-WWII generation constantly berates the younger ones for their seeming ineptitude and supposed lack of work ethic, while the younger generations retaliate with a muttered “OK, Boomer…” before dismissing them … Read more