Preparation – Will You Make the Cut?

by Dakota D. Ellis   The world has never been a place of one hundred percent bliss. However, it is apparent that the world is becoming an increasingly difficult place to inhabit peacefully. With such things as the excessive climb in gas prices, the national debt, the tyranny in Libya, and the more current crisis of … Read more

Why I Prepare

 by P.B. In 2002 I was given the boot from a small start -up company with no direction and even less capital. I was basically out of work with very few prospects for a job. I had invested all my savings, IRA and many thousands of dollars in credit card debt in order to both … Read more

Guest Post: Why I Prep

If someone were to ask me if I was prepared for when the SHTF, I would say no, I’m nowhere near prepared for that at least in my eyes. Others may disagree with me, but that’s just an opinion. Being prepared is more than just have food water ammo etc. it’s a frame of mind, … Read more

Vinegar and Preparedness

For hundreds of years people have used simple homemade products with multiple uses in mind.  Vinegar is just one of those products. Whether you are in a survival type situation, preparing for its possible arrival or just a financially frugal family, it’s always wise to have a working experiential knowledge of how to make it … Read more

Prepper Survival 1962

 [From Rourke:  I was honored to be mentioned in a local Florida publication – Here is the article.]   By Linda Leonardy I have been wondering lately just why I seem to have this great need to prepare. At first I could not even acknowledge to myself just what it was I felt like I needed … Read more

Preparedness for older people

Over the past several weeks I have been contacted by several people who are retired or close too retirement age with preparedness questions. At 42 years old and I can only respond the best that I can with the information provided. Many of these people are in tough situations. They are often on a very … Read more

5 Great Ways to Protect Your Home

I don’t mean to scare anyone,  but have you looked at the news recently? The economy isn’t getting any better and as our nation continues to decline ever deeper into economic recession, crime is on the rise. While some may argue that crime isn’t any worse than it was ten or fifteen years ago, few … Read more

Interview with Joe Nobody, author

I am very pleased to present my written interview with Joe Nobody. Joe has authored several books including Holding Your Ground, Holding Their Own: A Story of Survival, The TEOTWAWKI Tuxedo: Formal Survival Attire, and Without Rule of Law: Advanced Skills to Help You Survive. All books are published by Prepper Press. Here is some … Read more

SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest: Entry #31, #32, #33 and #34

More awesome entries into the ModernSurvivalOnline SHTF “Go To” Gun photo contest.   Scott is ready with…… This is an Officers Model Colt 1911 passed on to me from my father. I had it refinished by Mahovsky’s Metalife, and installed a Wilson’s Combat Match Grade Barrel, full recoil spring, beveled mag well, and had the ramp polished and a trigger job done. … Read more

The Survival Cabinet

Over the past several weeks I have received many emails from people that have just “woke up” and discovered prepping. Many of these folks are moms and dads and just concerned about what the future holds and want to prepare in some way for their family. Most of my contacts stress they are on a budget and are starting … Read more

Avoiding Prepper Burnout…………..

  Ever look at your efforts in preparedness and think to yourself – “Self, is this all just a waste of time?” Ever think about the hours spent reading blogs, visiting preparedness forums, and making plans and consider that all of that time could have been spent doing something more “important?” I mean – that … Read more

The Survival Template Book Review

Browsing through different products on Amazon I came across The Survival Template and after reading the description I decided to order it.  Written by John Heatherly, the book takes a very methodical and organized look at preparedness as well as life in general. The author takes the reader through a systematic approach of writing down goals along … Read more

Sailing for Survival

One survival option I have considered over the last year is a sailboat. Within the survival community there are two major camps, the bug-out doctrine and the castle doctrine. Needless to say, each has many variations and are highly tailorable to personal needs and available options. I think for many families the castle doctrine is … Read more


by Concerned Marksman I have seen numerous posts and websites about prepping and survival and even more posts about shooting and some great pictures of firearms. However, one thing I have yet to see is a post that will help the new prepper with the fundamentals of shooting or a refresher for the experienced marksman.  … Read more

19 Critical Survival Commodities to Stockpile

stockpile items water bleach salt toothbrushes and more

What are critical survival commodities and how do they affect you? First there are many things that are commodities today that will not be survival commodities like computers, and other consumer electronics. But what are they, I think a good definition might be “any necessary consumable material that because of it means of production or … Read more

Vinegar and its many uses

by MC For hundreds of years people have used simple homemade products with multiple uses in mind. Vinegar is just one of those products. Whether you are in a survival type situation, preparing for it’s possible arrival or just a financially frugal family, it’s always wise to have a working experience of what it can … Read more

Smartphone Preparedness – How It Can Save Your Life

Your smartphone can be a vital survival resource in multiple ways, but probably it’s most obvious utility is the purpose for which it is primarily designed, that of communications. Despite the hand ringing and doom-mongering that some in the preppersphere drape phones with, you should know that, in reality, your cell phone is likely to … Read more