Air Drying Vegetables Step by Step

air dried peppers

Drying your veggies is an excellent way to preserve your harvest, as well as a great method for making your own long-lasting and nutritious snacks or meal sides. Dried vegetables are tasty and make for an interesting and sustainable alternative to other methods of preservation. If you’re a prepper, there’s a good chance you’ve already … Read more

9 Types of Fuel for Survival


If you are a prepper, there’s a high likelihood you’ll be relying on various tools and devices that require liquid fuel to function. It could be a vehicle, a generator, a chainsaw, a lantern, anything- no fuel, no go, it is just that simple. That means that accumulating, properly storing, and rotating your fuel supplies … Read more

The 5 Principles of Patrolling Applied to Prepping

soldier observing field

When it comes to adapting military procedure, equipment, and terminology to prepping it turns out that some folks usually get riled up. Those who aren’t preppers in their daily lives usually accuse preppers of being posers, wannabes, and other derogatory terms. Many of those preppers feel the need to intricately explain themselves and these choices … Read more

MRE Heaters: How Do They Work and How Do You Use Them?

Pretty much everyone who has ever served in the military and a great many preppers will be entirely familiar with MREs, or meals-ready-to-eat, those typically nutritious, sometimes delicious and often gut wrecking pre-cooked field rations. Modern MRE’s contain many components, and one component that is often discarded is the FRH, or flameless ration heater. These … Read more

What Exactly are Sandbags Used For?

soldied with machine gun behind sandbags wall

Sandbags are one of those survival items that is regularly included on many “must-have” lists of gear and goods, but often without much explanation as to why. Being so commonly recommended, they must be useful, but what exactly are sandbags used for in a survival context? Sandbags are commonly placed for defending structures against flood … Read more

Suburban Survival: The Only Guide You Will Need

houses in the suburbs

When it comes to discussions of survival, particularly long-term survival, the topic centers around two environments: Urban environments, because they are viewed as particularly difficult and rural environments, because this is the ideal environment to survive it. At least, according to some. There is quite literally an in-between environment that gets very little in the … Read more

A Prepper’s Guide to Prepping for Less

food stockpile canned food ramen noodles bottled water

Most veteran preppers know that there is always something to buy or invest in as part of your prepping plan. Supplies, consumables, gear, clothing, training even whole vehicles! This is all well and good when you are swimming in cash, but when your funds are decidedly limited or discretionary money is completely non-existent, prepping in … Read more

North Dakota State Knife Laws

North Dakota flag

North Dakota is a surprisingly restrictive state for those knife carriers who lack a concealed weapons permit, and is all the more eyebrow-raising when you consider how permissive its Southern sibling is. North Dakota’s laws governing knives are long, circular and seemingly inconsistent to the casual reader, overly complicating what should be a simple affair. … Read more

Would an Air Horn Scare a Bear?

Bears are large and dangerous animals, however charismatic they might look in pictures and videos. Found throughout the North American continent and much of the world bears are powerful and adaptable predators. Though negative interactions between bears and humans are comparatively rare, when they do occur serious injury or death is likely. Though most bear … Read more

Indiana State Knife Laws

Indiana flag

Indiana is definitely a pro-knife state, with only two real hard-and-fast prohibitions on a couple of types of knives, those being ballistic knives and throwing stars. Thanks to revamped laws governing knives that were finally tuned up from a hodgepodge mess back in 2013, you can own and carry nearly anything with no permit required, … Read more

Will a Taser Stop an Alligator?

Firearms are the premier defensive weapon of our time, whether you are trying to protect yourself against hostile humans or aggressive, dangerous animals. In lieu of a firearm you might use a tasers for ranged defense which can work and work well against mammals, but what about reptiles? This is not a fantastical question if … Read more