The Survival Cabinet

Over the past several weeks I have received many emails from people that have just “woke up” and discovered prepping. Many of these folks are moms and dads and just concerned about what the future holds and want to prepare in some way for their family. Most of my contacts stress they are on a budget and are starting … Read more

Survival Book Review: The Survival Template

The Survival Template, survival, preparedness, SHTF, TSHTF, organize, economic collapse,

     Browsing through different products on Amazon I came across The Survival Template and after reading the description I decided to order it.  Written by John Heatherly, the book takes a very methodical and organized look at preparedness as well as life in general. The author takes the reader through a systematic approach of writing down … Read more

Results from September 26th “Commitment” post…..

[NOTE from Rourke: sorry for some of the test being so small. I had a heck of a time trying to format this post. Importing formatting/HTML from varying sources was horrible and time consuming.] I received a couple of responses to my “Make a commitment for one month” post from September 26th. In that post I challenged everyone … Read more

Picked up a couple cheap prepping supplies….

This past weekend visited my local Goodwill store and found a couple of good deals. The first one was a taped up mass of fabric and tarp material. I was not sure what it was – but for $4.99 I decided to take a chance. At a minimum I knew there was some tarp material … Read more

This week’s assignment: Dryer Lint

Yup. Dryer lint. If you are not aware – dryer lint is an excellent tinder to start fires. Most all households have dryers with lint screens. People every day clean off the lint screen and throw away the lint. Weeks ago I started collecting the lint and use it frequently to start my fire pit. So – … Read more

Gun maintenance supplies to put back……

Maybe not for your typical severe winter storm or short term power outage – but in a long-term WROL situation, having firearm maintenance supplies is important. Keeping your firearms functioning properly – well….. just makes sense doesn’t it? So – what type of things should be put back? First – cleaning supplies. An assortment of … Read more

Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries are not only a great way to save money – but can be a valuable resource in a disaster. Most of my battery-powered components use a standard AA battery. I am trying to keep it this way as the AA alkaline battery is relatively inexpensive and many can stored taking up little space. Before I go … Read more

This weeks assignment: Toilet Paper

Consider a post-apocalyptic world. Consider the comforts of modern day living are mostly nonexistent. You have stockpiled food, water, medical supplies, etc. You are cooking in your dutch oven and fishing with your ample supply of tackle that you have put back. Your spouse sticks there head out from behind a tree and requests…..”Honey…..please bring me a roll of … Read more

11 Survival Items You Can Get on the Cheap

flashlights and lanterns

With today’s declining economy – many of us are on tight budgets. Even so – this does doesn’t change the goal that many of us have – to prepare for troubling times ahead for ourselves and out family. Visiting some websites and reading certain books – you can get the feeling that you have to have a full years … Read more

Grover Rocket Stove Review

rocket stove, survival, cooking, camping, preparedness, SHTF, TSHTF, TEOTWAWKI, economic collapse

Grover Rocket Stove located at offers some very unique and preparedness-minded products. Grover Rocket Stoves are made in the USA and are an excellent solution to the often asked question – “How can I cook and heat without electricity, propane, gas, etc?”. I have a Rocket Stove just like what is pictured above and love it. It … Read more

Gear Review: Paladin Mission Pack Expedition

I recently received a new bag called the Paladin Mission Pack Expedition. This is a larger capacity bag which could serve many purposes – from backpacking, camping, to a full-fledged “bug out” kit. Let’s get straight to the bags dimensions: The Paladin Mission Pack, Expedition is comprised of: (1) large capacity main compartment 6 in. … Read more