Camouflage for Survival – A Comprehensive Guide

soldier wearing camouflage

Camouflage is a skill and art that is often thought to go hand-in-hand with prepping and survival. If we are trying to survive or run away from some disaster that might see our societal norms and rule of law collapsed, it makes sense we want to avoid detection by other people as much as possible, … Read more

How to be a Gray Man Step by Step

crowd of people

When the SHTF, who will be the first targets of the looters, the rioters, and the panicked idiots who didn’t prepare? The people who did. When the SHTF, you will most likely be prepared. If you are reading this article it is likely that you will not be short of the necessities of life when … Read more

11 Personal Safety Odds & Ends


I learned from a young age the world was not a safe place. There were people who were not just willing, but eager to hurt you. Some of them were your own family. Others were your peers you saw at school every day. Others were strangers or minimal acquaintances. Nowhere felt safe. When I was … Read more

The Dual Faces of the Militia Movement

The face of the Militia Movement that you see most likely depends on your political viewpoint and the amount of actual experience you’ve had with the members of a militia. It may also depend on which militia you have experience with as each of them differs in their level of extremism. The average American gets … Read more

MAT-Mods: Enhancements for the Dakota Alert MURS Alert Transmitter

  Unless you’re new to survivaldom then you already know about the “Dakota Alert” MURS products and their uses for home and retreat security, both before and after the SHTF.   This article focuses specifically on one of the Dakota Alert products, the “MURS Alert Transmitter”, and how it can be modified to expand its functionality … Read more

Protecting Your Rural Home

security camera mounted on exterior house wall

Your home is more than the house you live in, it’s an investment. Not only should you be concerned with keeping your family safe, but you should also be concerned with keeping your possessions safe. When you live in the country, you may not be able to rely on nearby neighbors to alert you to … Read more