Thoughts on my retreat project……

It has been a dream for quite some time to have a retreat. Limited finances have kept this dream from becoming reality. I am now looking to purchase land next summer and then place some form of shelter on it. Often when someone hears the word “retreat” images of a rustic cabin on the side … Read more

Question: Marine radar for land based surveillance?

Thinking about adding radar surveillance to my mountain top retreat. Anyone know anything about using marine radars for land application? I am considering a Si-Tex radar, see: Low end marine radar is now affordable! My goal with such would be to have an alarm sound when vehicles enter search area and even … Read more

Small retreat…..reader shares one example

The following was sent in by “Mo” who was responding to my question about people using sheds or small houses as retreats. This is pretty cool. Thanks Mo! – Rourke My wife and I went the “shed” route due to county restrictions.  A shed means it has no permanent heating or plumbing.  That designation affects the tax … Read more

COMMUNITY FILE #5 Training day!

This is another of my “Community files” that I send out to my retreat group. It and the others I have posted here may be of use to you in planning training for your group. D. COMMUNITY FILE #5 Training day! Although all of the construction that needs done is very important, this is more … Read more

Survival Priorities

Survival Priorities A SERIES OF ARTICLES ON SMART SURVIVAL Selecting Your Survival Retreat   You can imagine my delight when I gleaned the reflection of snow atop the “Whites” from an opening of clouds as I headed up the washboard road, leaving the valley floor behind and climbing into the steep sided canyon, protecting my … Read more