The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

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Ayn Rand was right. She was. But I have little doubt even the title of this article will make a certain percentage of the readership’s heads explode, a font of impotent rage. This is a shame, and one of the fundamental reasons needs addressing. The fervent and widespread misunderstanding of Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism, and the … Read more

The US-Israel Relationship

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The United States and Israel are good friends. Israel is regarded as the most important ally the United States has in the Middle East.  The US has provided Israel with military and economic assistance, and we share intelligence. The State of Israel The State of Israel is a small nation, about the size and somewhat … Read more

7 Laws That Are Talking Away Our Freedom

by Isabella America has a unique constitution that was founded on the principle that people have rights; not rights granted to them by a benevolent government but by a Creator God. Our constitution recognizes our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which takes form in the freedom of speech, religion, and the … Read more

Why Taking Guns From The ‘Mentally Ill Should Scare You

by Tara After the recent school shooting in Parkland, Florida, liberal talking heads immediately launched into yet another attack on our Second Amendment rights. As has also become commonplace after mass shootings, mental health was also infused into the discussion with a flurry of possible bills proposed in the wake of the massacre. We gun … Read more

A Review of President Trump’s First Year in Office


by Derrick Krane I have seen 10 US presidencies in my lifetime, and have never seen an American president subjected to such hatred and vitriol as the current holder of the office. People have made threats, wished death upon President Trump, have wished rape upon his wife, Melania, portrayed him decapitated, and blamed him for all … Read more

The Transgender Agenda – Tyranny in Disguise

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by Isabella On first glance, it may seem easy to believe that the transgender movement is about freedom. We live in America, right? And in America, people should be free to live and express themselves as they please. If someone wants to live their lives as the opposite sex, so be it. But anything longer … Read more

Why the Political Context Forces Us to Prep

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by Isabella During the Obama administration, the prepping community grew exponentially. Too many, it seemed like we were constantly on the brink of natural disaster, national gun seizures, UN takeovers, martial law, terrorism, you name it. The Obama administration was stressful and gave us all very good reason to prepare our families for disaster, and … Read more

Socialism in Venezuela: The Ultimate Cautionary Tale


by Isabella The devastating crisis in Venezuela has been going on for years, though mostly below the fold of our nation’s mainstream newspapers and websites. And as the citizens of this once prosperous, oil-rich nation are literally running out of trash to rummage through for sustenance, leftist celebrities who once praised the socialist government of … Read more

Who’s Responsible for ISIS?


by Aaron Bailey Christmas day bombings targeting Christian groups in Baghdad. Car bombings in Iraq, Libya, and other nations. Suicide bombings at mosques and churches in various countries. Bombings, mass shootings, and hostages taken in various events in France. And many, many more incidents all over Europe and the Middle East primarily, with death tolls … Read more

We Want it all Back, Mr. President Elect

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We Want it all Back, Mr. President Elect In Plain English Written By Silence Dogood Mr. President Elect… this is a note for you, and there had better NOT be, any waffling on your part now Sir, because “We the People,” definitely want it all back this time. This is our time to take back … Read more


by Carmen Amedori Ethics: an area of study that deals with ideas about what is good and bad behavior: a branch of philosophy dealing with what is morally right or wrong. When Trump is elected, we will have exercised our 10th Amendment and dismantled a tyrannical political system. It is then our responsibility to rebuild … Read more

The 10th Amendment and Nullification

by Carmen Amedori “The government closest to the people serves the people best.” Thomas Jefferson Government closest to the people is the best form of government as it allows the people to be more involved and enforce their right to reign in an overbearing government. In debate during the 1788 Virginia Convention, Thomas Jefferson argued … Read more

How we can Make America Great Again

by Silence Dogood   Let’s Get ‘er Done Mister President Do you want to know, how the next President can actually make America Great again? It’s not going to be easy but it’s a real solution with some real goals, hang on, here it comes: What “we the people” really need in America is complete … Read more

Are you Paranoid?

By The Coach, Contributing Editor   Every now and then people think I am a little paranoid about big brother watching us. That is why I started researching about covert cell phone towers. The more I research, the more I do not feel so paranoid. Recently I have written two articles in reference to the U.S. … Read more

Unlimited Access to Communications of Every American

By The Coach, Contributing Editor Recently I received information that Congress passed a bill, before leaving on their 2014 Christmas recess, which gives federal law enforcement the legal authority to have unlimited access to every means of communication that American citizens conduct. I immediately recognized that this appeared to be a violation of the fourth … Read more

The Panhandle Rancher speaks……THE FRANCHISE

THE FRANCHISE Upon the Ballot Box hangs our future well being and prosperity. I write this in the aftermath of the recent brave action by the Sergeant of Arms of the Canadian Parliament, whom having heard the sound of gunfire, charged valiantly into battle – and prevailed; and here in the United States, following yet … Read more

I Miss America…….

A few years before his death, I asked my father if he ever regretted leaving England after WWII and emigrating to the United States of America.  He told me that even with the troubles here (9-11, poor economic outlook, big and growing Federal Government) that he would never go back.  When I ask him why, … Read more