Trump, Obama and Martial Law

military men

by Isabella Throughout Obama’s presidency, and particularly since 2012, there have been rumors that he would declare Martial Law in the United States, for one reason or another. The most commonly considered possible motivation in doing so is to remain in office, and thus further his assault on the American Constitution and rule of law.  … Read more

FEMA – How Bad Will It Get?

the army taking over the streets

by Ryan As a survivalist and prepper I pride myself on being prepared for any situation and on staying current with the news that affects those situations. I have prepared for natural disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, tornados, and volcano eruptions. I have also prepared for civil unrest, foreign invasion, nuclear attack, and pandemics. … Read more

Setting Things Straight on Racism

all races

by Timothy Racism: “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race” You may be wondering why I began this article with Webster’s definition of racism. To be honest, when I looked it up, I wasn’t certain what it … Read more

Do You Prepare in Fear?

scared woman

by Mira That may seem like a weird question to some, but in actuality it’s an extremely valid one. What motivates you to prepare for a collapse? I’ve always been conscious of the need to prepare myself for the unexpected. Living in the South, we always had to be ready for a tornado outbreak, so … Read more

Are the Globalists Winning?


By Silence Dogood Whatever you call them, (for there are many names). Some call it the New World order, the Globalist Agenda, the Military Industrial Complex, The Free Masons the Illuminati, ties with the Vatican, or the many families of Bankers, like the Rothschild, Rockefeller, J P Morgan, Warburg Brothers or any of the corporate … Read more

Communism is at our door step

communism flag

In 1984, President Ronald Reagan said, “communism is at our doorstep.” It has taken 32 years since this president recognized the erosion of freedom taking place, but indeed today, communism is in our schools, work place and yes even our homes. The big government that Americans have permitted to evolve not merely encroaches on our … Read more

TRAGEDY IN DALLAS! Five Law Enforcement Officers Killed In Ambush Style Attacks and What the Preparedness Community Can Learn From This Tragedy

by Van Geste I heard a great quote recently, “Things do not happen because of us, things simply happen to us.” For anyone that has not yet heard; late last night and into early this morning Dallas Texas became a war zone.  Four or more snipers took up positions in elevated areas during a Black Lives … Read more

Do Preppers Want the World to End?

nuclear blast

I have seen that many non-preppers make comments such as “You must be hoping that TSHTF so you can justify spending all this money on all this stuff you have.” Another comment I have seen is “You must be pretty paranoid.” Those are some of the nicer ones that can be published here. A significant remainder revolves around … Read more