GearHOG Mantis knife deal…….

December 4, 2011 Rourke 4

  GearHOG is having another deal that I took advantage of – 4 knives to choose from – each for $19.99 with FREE SHIPPING. These knives usually run over $30.00 each. Deal Overview: Ends Sunday […]

Brownell’s deal at GearHOG……

November 25, 2011 Rourke 0

GearHOG’s is hosting another great deal: Purchase a $25.00 gift card to Brownell’s for $12.50! Deal Overview Take advantage of the gift card deal today and this weekend by using it during the Brownells […]

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Special FREE SHIPPING from

November 21, 2011 Rourke 1

Hello all. I am very excited to tell everyone that is doing a special promotion for ModernSurvivalOnline readers only. Here is the deal…… Go to and order one of their wood burning cook stoves. At […]

Netflix Pick: The Crazies

November 10, 2011 Rourke 4

I had little interest in watching “The Crazies“. I figured it was just another “people stumble on some backwoods inbred cannibals” movie. I was wrong. Now – this is no Academy Award winning flick – […]

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Guest Post: Prepping for the Super Thrifty

August 5, 2011 Rourke 10

by Amber Waldroup Everywhere you look these days, you see posts, articles, and tips on how to prepare for the future—economic crisis, military takeover, environmental disaster, or whatever SHTF scenario you’re planning for. You can even […]

Survival stuff on the cheap

August 1, 2011 Rourke 12

With today’s declining economy – many of us are on tight budgets. Even so – this does doesn’t change the goal that many of us have – to prepare for troubling times ahead for ourselves and out family. Visiting […]

Netflix pick: Survivors

July 16, 2011 Rourke 8

I loved this series – which takes place in England. It is available in both DVD as well as instant streaming. Here is a summary of the 6-episode 2008 series: When a deadly strain of […]

Zenni Optical Update

July 11, 2011 Rourke 7

[Note: Original post had problems with links and I screwed up the spelling – fixed now – oppppsssss……] Long overdue but I wanted to tell you about my experience using the discount prescription eyeglass service Zenni Optical. […]

A couple of good deals………..

July 10, 2011 Rourke 5

Hello all – I deal a lot with and came across a couple of good deals. Figured I would pass this info on to you – First – The Buck Hoodlum knife designed by the […]