105 Ways to Save Money Prepping and Homesteading

10 dollar bills

Everyone loves to save money… especially preppers and homesteaders. The more money we save on daily needs and the occasional want, the more funds exist in the family budget to funnel back into preparedness gear and agricultural supplies for the survival homestead. By nature, preppers and homesteaders tend to be money conscious folks already. But, … Read more

Invest in Precious Metals with Apmex

this is a sponsored post from www.apmex.com As the world’s largest online retailer in Precious Metals, American Precious Metals Exchange puts thousands of Gold and Silver products in your hands. But we do more than just sell products. We help you understand what you’re buying, answer your questions truthfully and keep prices transparent and fair. We only sell tangible investment … Read more

Netflix pick: Jericho

Netflix is an excellent deal in my opinion. For less than $10.00 per month you can access and watch thousands of movies, documentaries, program and more through your computer, TV, media player or entertainment system. I am recommending the cancelled TV series Jericho as a “Netflix Pick”. Summary of the series: Wayward son of Jericho … Read more

No more cable….no more satellite!

I just got off the phone with DirecTV cancelling my satellite service. So – no more cable and no more satellite. Many people I know have told me that they just could never do it, exclaiming….”I just couldn’t live without all those channels!” Well – I can. I have been spending around $100 a month … Read more

My emergency fund disappeared

Beyond just common sense, I have had the need for an Emergency Fund pounded into my head over the past several years by Ryan over at TSLR. Although I had not built my Emergency Fund up to the level that I would have liked – it came in handy recently when I had several unexpected … Read more

20 Uses for Borax

20 Uses for Borax was submitted by Matthew from UrbanSurvivalSite.com   Sometimes I’m shocked at how expensive typical household cleaners have become. Recently my wife and I decided to do some spring cleaning. We went to the store with a rather long list of cleaning supplies: tile cleaner, drain opener, bleach spray, air freshener, mouse traps, … Read more

Do you have an Emergency Fund?

Blast from the Past: This post was originally published here – http://modernsurvivalonline.com/do-you-have-an-emergency-fund/ I am not the most financially sound person in the world. One thing I do know – is just when things seem to be going well something unexpected always seems to happen where money is suddenly needed. I make decent money and typically have “disposable” income … Read more

CASH, Gold, Silver, Platinum, IRA’s, Stocks, Investments, Banking, and Privacy….from the Prepper Perspective!

CASH, Gold, Silver, Platinum, IRA’s, Stocks, Investments, Banking, and Privacy….from the Prepper Perspective! Cash, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, IRA’s, Stocks, Banking, Investments, Ughh……we have to know so much about finances these days.  Especially when our economy is so affected by the rest of the world. In fact, finances, can get quite confusing, even so confusing … Read more

Being frugal……homemade laundry detergent

Many preppers today are doing so out of fear of inflation and the economy. More and more people are shopping sales, using coupons, and shopping discount centers. Part of my inflation protection system is stocking up on many commonly used household items such as shampoo, body wash, soap, toilet paper, dish detergent, and laundry detergent. I buy … Read more

Prepping for Cheapskates

by Amber Waldroup Everywhere you look these days, you see posts, articles, and tips on how to prepare for the future—economic crisis, military takeover, environmental disaster, or whatever SHTF scenario you’re planning for. You can even find tips on prepping cheaply. For me, a $100 prep isn’t cheap. That’s a big deal for me. For me, … Read more