Help! I’ve Run out of My Prescription Medication

Step-by-step emergency tips for refilling prescriptions in a pinch It can take you off guard if you run out of your prescription medication. You might panic if you are unable to get your regular prescription because you have lost your medication, run out when out of town, or run out when your doctor is on … Read more

PART 2: Sourcing antibiotics for storing in case the SHTF

In Part 1 I discussed the availability of Vet Antibiotics on and also presented a recommended “shopping list”. In this segment a source for “meant for human consumption” antibiotics is considered. I have been unable to find what I would be considered absolute factual information that leads me to believe that antibiotics meant for animal/fish use … Read more

“Amateur” Midwifery on the Frontier

by Endeavoring Mama We all know that life outside of what we’re comfortable with is awkward when not prepared for. That being said, I believe everything that happens in our lives, respectively, for a reason. Call it somewhat of a ‘whatever doesn’t kill us’ mantra but I truly believe it! A few years ago, my … Read more