Introduction to Survival Fitness

survival fitness

How long have you been prepping, now, 6 months? A year? More? I bet it’s not every day that someone comes to you and says: Look, you’ve been doing it wrong. You’re neglecting a critical aspect of your preparations that could potentially kill you in a disaster. Well, I am… I know, I know… Everything … Read more


Alright, as a Survivalist you probably don’t need me to tell you that your health is paramount to your mission. There are more than 45 million smokers in the United States today and I’m going to try to help you become one less statistic…. Kicking the habit can seem like an impossible task, almost like … Read more

Candida Yeast Infections

 The following is a guest post entry into our Survival & Preparedness Writing Contest.   Candida Yeast Infections by servantheart The subject ain’t pretty…but you need to know this! Skin fungus. We’d like to think we’d never have them. But, the truth is, I currently DO have one. I live in a part of the world … Read more

Three Medicinal Plants to Consider for Your Survival Garden

Echinacea  The beauty of Echinacea is equal to its value medicinally. The intense purple daisy-like flowers outshine most flowers in the herb garden. Even the Monarch butterflies find it attractive. Tall and impressive, this perennial plant’s natural habitats are the prairies and dry plains of North America, mainly in the U.S.A., from southern Saskatchewan and … Read more

Fitness and Survival

  Fitness and Survival  by David Munro                   Many people believe that a zombie apocalypse is on the rise. And with that fear, they have begun to prepare accordingly. Among these preparations are stockpiling a- mmunition, making bunkers, hoarding food, and of course: fitness. In the event of a zombie encounter, even the best … Read more

Fitness and survival……..

There are tons of article written on which caliber is best for survival. Same goes for how much water you should have and which water filter is the best. Let’s throw in the countless opinions on why you should own this knife or that knife above all others. Know what I rarely hear about? Fitness … Read more

Crossfit Training for Preppers

crossfit workout

Fitness has always been something that I have thought about since being a teenager (now 41). Over the years, like many others, I have joined gyms and worked out for a few months – and then returned to a sedentary lifestyle. A little history – At the age of 16, I discovered bodybuilding. Reading Muscle & Fitness … Read more