So How Long Will My Propane Last?

propane tank on property

Propane is a versatile, efficient and all-around good choice of fuel for prepping. Propane is just as suitable for running your furnace, hot water heater and stove at home as it is firing up your grill, keeping your workshop or campsite warm with a portable heater or even operating certain kinds of heavy equipment like … Read more

How Long Does Gasoline Typically Last?

gas canisters

If you are getting ready for the next big emergency, great or small, you will definitely want a good supply of gasoline on hand. But, compared to keeping beans, bullets and bandages stored for a long period of time, gasoline presents more challenges since it can lose its potency while in storage or even become … Read more

Answer from Coleman regarding expiration dates

Heard from several people regarding Coach’s Question on how long canned Coleman fuel will last. Well, The COach had requested info direct from Coleman and finally heard back from them. Here is their response: Question:¬†How long can I store Coleman Fuel in the one (1) gallon cans if the seal is NOT broken and still … Read more

Fuel from chicken $#@%

In the event of a collapse, water, shelter, food and fuel are the most basic of necessities.  As most of us who have put some thought into this have at least these bare minimums.  A good water supply and a way of filtering a not so good water supply.  A location that provides shelter from … Read more