The Colony Review (2013, Series)

  The Colony has an interesting premise, one that is near and dear to most preppers: The world is turned upside down because of a catastrophe and society has collapsed. It is up to a band of survivors to work together and overcome survival challenges if they want to live. For the show’s first season, … Read more

Entertainment After SHTF

playing cards featured

Survival situations are definitely not fun and games. Well, for a certain kind of misanthrope they are, but they definitely aren’t fun for 99% of us. The stresses of surviving, enduring and under the circumstances thriving a major event will be hair-raising, no doubt about it. But that does not mean you should completely shun … Read more

Fun Games Your Family Can Play in the Wilderness

camping game

Prepping as a family has its challenges, but it can also be a lot of fun, especially when you make it into a game.  One of the most important parts of prepping a family is ensuring they have wilderness and outdoor survival skills.  No matter how old the members of your family are, there are … Read more

Netflix Pick: Atlas Shrugged

If you have a Netflix account with Instant Streaming as part of your membership Atlas Shrugged can now be watched instantly. Some people loved this movie – some hated it. Myself – I though it was great. Here is a summary of the movie: Ayn Rand‘s timeless novel of rational self-interest comes to life for a new … Read more

Netflix Pick: Out of the Wild Survival Series

I have watched both Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment and Out of the Wild: Venezuela. These are a couple of very entertaining adventure series which set several strangers in the wilderness with limited resources. The group of people have to rely on their resourcefulness to make it back to civilization alive, foraging for food, building makeshift shelters … Read more

On the Beach (1959) Movie Review

This is a classic that everyone interested in survival and prepping must watch. Plot Synopsis In 1964, World War III killed all humans in the Northern Hemisphere due to nuclear fallout. The only remaining inhabitable areas are in the far reaches of the Southern Hemisphere, but air currents are slowly bringing the fallout south. On … Read more

Carriers (2009) Review

I just got finished watching Carriers on Netflix. I really did not expect much – but this was a pretty good movie. This film, a 2009 survival horror flick is an underrated gem, shot with a pre-fame Chris Pine in a leading role. It also serve as an entirely too-eerie “what if?” concerning a viral … Read more

The Edge (1997) Review

This week we are recommending an older movie called The Edge. This movie lends itself to thinking about wilderness preparedness. Here is a summary: In this movie, three men are stranded in the wilderness after their bush plane goes down in the remote reaches of the Alaskan interior. They must use all their survival skills to … Read more