Economic concerns reflected in stock market

In just the past two days the stock market has had the worst drop since 2008. On Thursday the Dow plunged 391 points – with mid-day drops as much as 540 points. Unemployment remains a serious concern. The Federal Reserve’s negative outlook and ridiculous reaction to the economy is not helping matters. The overall Global … Read more

Thoughts on the Presidential Debate……..

I am not going to get into a lot of specific policy differences and platform issues of each candidate. I just want to give a few thoughts. I have not watched the past couple debates involving the Republican candidates. I know….shame on me. One of the reasons I haven’t watch the past couple debates is I felt … Read more

Guest Post: Still… “The Shining City Upon a Hill”

by JP from TheHomeSteadReport Ronald Reagan first spoke of the “shining city upon a hill” in January of 1974 and referred back to it many times throughout his life. A pilgrim named John Winthrop first wrote about it, describing an America he imagined would one day be. In these tumultuous times, with terrorists waging holy … Read more

Why do people prepare?

I recently was supposed to attend and talk at a Survival & Preparedness Seminar here in South Carolina organized by YouTube’s EastCoastPatriot. Unfortantly something came up last minute and I was not able to make it. My plan was to talk about “Why people prepare” – along with my own spin on “Why people should prepare“. Well … Read more

The Dissolution of the United States

There are troubling financial signs coming out of Washington and the State Capitols. Deficits, mounting debt, and a poor economy are proving to be a direct threat to the future of our country. Poor economic policies, trillions of dollars in national debt, political bickering, and a fundamental lack of leadership will bring on the dissolution … Read more

Recent event a “wake up” call

The other day I had something happen that was kind of a “wake up” call. A co-worker – who was on vacation in process of moving – called me at work. This is how the conversation went: Co-worker: “Are you sitting at your desk?” Rourke: “Yes – why?” Co-worker: “I need you to bring up … Read more