Terrorist Cell in Heart of United States?

December 15, 2015 Rourke 11

Evidence is mounting that there is a possible terrorist cell operating in the Columbia, Missouri area. Over the past several days local Walmarts have reported having multiple incidents where men are purchasing large quantities of prepaid […]

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November 14, 2015 Rourke 27

  My prayers go out to the people of France. I pray that they come together in solidarity to fight the evil which exists not only there but around the world. I hope the french […]

Is there a coming race war?

September 7, 2015 Rourke 32

  The recent blatant assassination of white Texas Sheriff’s deputy Gofourth is just one sign that a coming race war may have started. I am not referring to a 2nd civil war pitting one half the […]

To our Military, Police, and Firemen

August 11, 2015 Rourke 4

  I just want to say a very sincere “THANK YOU” to our military forces, our police, and our fireman for all that they do. I am but a lowly Production Manager in small manufacturing […]

April 13th, 2029

August 7, 2015 Rourke 10

I recently found out that on Friday April 13, 2029 an asteroid will come very, very close to Earth. So close in fact that it will pass between the Earth and many satellite orbits. In […]

A few thoughts on gun control…..

July 27, 2015 Rourke 14

Gun control is certainly on the lips of many today due to recent news headlines and gun control is one issue that I certainly have opinions on. Top online criminal justice programs, police academies, and […]

Arlene on current Avian Flu situation

July 13, 2015 Rourke 6

  Recently the Dept. of Agriculture stated that 41.1 MILLION chickens have been wiped out in the midwest and 7.5 Million turkeys have died or been killed. This is all due to the avian virus H5N2. […]

I can see it coming…..

June 29, 2015 Rourke 13

  I can see it. I can see the countless stories of kids lemonade stands being shut down due to local governments requiring permits. I can see towns fining people who back into their driveways […]

This country is doomed?

June 16, 2015 Rourke 14

Last week I published a video from YouTube’s SouthernPrepper1 regarding the current condition of the United States.  To summarize SP1 expressed frustration with the direction the country is heading and the lack of true Constitutional representation.   If you […]

Gun control initiative coming?

June 8, 2015 Rourke 2

Yes – President Obama continues to be THE best gun salesman in the history of the planet. It is being reported that the Justice Department is looking to change the definition of “pistol” in the […]

The Greatest Threat To Our National Security

May 13, 2015 Rourke 4

The following was originally published over at the Center for Security Policy.   By Admiral James Lyons When President-elect Obama declared that he was going to “fundamentally transform” America, not many Americans understood what that […]

Words of wisdom from Admiral James Lyons

May 3, 2015 Rourke 2

From Wikipedia: Retired Admiral James Lyons – Served in the U.S. Navy for thirty-six years as a Surface Warfare Officer, including as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, Senior U.S. Military Representative to […]

Your job – getting one & keeping it

March 26, 2015 Rourke 10

I am a production manager at a manufacturing facility for my regular job. As the main person who does the hiring/firing at my plant – I have come across pretty much everything you can think of […]