Ebola: The Year of Living Dangerously

By Joe Alton, M.D – Contributing Editor, ModernSurvivalOnline www.doomandbloom.net When I first wrote about Ebola early this year, I was hoping that it wouldn’t be a news item 6 months later. In my March 2014 article, I mentioned my concern about 86 cases  and 59 deaths reported in the country of Guinea. The article you’re … Read more

OPSEC and you.

By BePrepared So by now Captain America: The Winter Soldier is out and hopefully you have watched it. It is not only great escapism for a couple of hours it has at it’s core a very significant message. How much protection is too much protection and more importantly, who exactly is providing that protection? The … Read more

Prepper Survival 1962

The following article has some unfortunate relevance as tensions grow between the United State and Russia. Many believe that numerous events are signs we are in the midst of a new Cold War. Here is the article. This was originally published back in 2012. It can be seen in its original format HERE. * * * * * … Read more

How the California Drought Will Affect our Food Prices and Availability

by Arlene  The  drought in California is the WORST it’s been in 500 years. The Weather Channel will be offering a special program soon entitled Cracked : The Soil in California.   Stock up now on the items that are produced primarily in California. as soon they may be extremely cost prohibitive or non-existent. California … Read more

The Panhandle Rancher speaks…..Prepping and praying and pass the bullets please

  Essentials of Prepping:   Prepping and praying and pass the bullets please   That great social democrat FDR once proclaimed, “All we have to fear is fear itself,” and that sentence galvanized the nation into action. Nowadays many of us have come to fear our blighted but powerful rich Uncle.   I have walked boldly … Read more

Is a war between Iran and Israel inevitable?

For years the unsettling violence and unpredictable nature of the Middle East has been concerning. Lately the tension between Israel and Iran has me concerned. Though threatening words is nothing new – what is  different now is the nuclear particulars. I am concerned that Iran will obtain a nuclear weapon. I am also concerned that Israel … Read more