The Many Uses for a Bandana


by Ryan At first glance, you would not think that a square of thin cotton cloth would be all that useful. However, the humble bandana is one of the most useful tools you can have in a survival situation. Its simplicity makes it more versatile than just about anything you can bring with you. I … Read more

The Panhandle Rancher speaks……on footwear

In response to my recent questioning about footwear for disaster use – The Panhandle Rancher gives his two cents….Rourke Rourke,   Beyond doubt, lace up, high top, combat boots offer the best in foot and ankle protection. Ankles are a weak spot especially when carrying a heavy ruck, MBR and ammo. A turned ankle resulting … Read more

Prepper Footwear

Prepper Footwear: The Definitive Guide by LM   When it comes to survival, it all comes down to your footwear. Great footwear allows you to move at speed, and with ease, over rough terrain. It protects your feet against damage. It keeps them warm and dry. And it sometimes has the capacity to protect us … Read more

Gear Review: 5.11 Hard Time Gloves

For the longest ,time I was not one to wear gloves. I hated the loss of touch, dexterity and the sizing of most gloves. Despite being educated, throughout college and law school I worked construction and landscaping jobs and spent a fair amount of time in the gym. As a result my hands are thicker … Read more