Carry a knife? Better check this website…..

I often have a knife in my pocket and always a couple in my Jeep. Honestly – I have never given whether it is legal or not a second thought. I came across a really cool website about knives that has a section that covers laws for each state. The website is – and the section that provides the legal research tool is

Going to the “knife laws” page brings up a map of the United States. To find out the laws in your state simply click on your state and read. I live in South Carolina and clicking on my state reveals I can pretty much carry a ninja sword down the street legally. Clicking on Georgia – a state I visit several times a year – I was surprised to find that if I carry a knife with a blade longer than 5 inches I need a permit. Guess what? –  I have many knives with blades longer than 5 inches.

Each states page provides specific information to laws in that state along with summaries. The site was updated in 2013 – but disclaimers are provided as laws could change. Additionally – I did not see anything regarding local laws that could be different than the state law.

Anyways – a good resource and if you like knives – the main page is an online knife magazine.

For more information see



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7 thoughts on “Carry a knife? Better check this website…..”

  1. Three staight blades, one double edged. All with Paracord wrapped around the handle. And you could shave with anyone.

  2. Rourke-thanks my husband and I carry knives in our
    vehicles. We will check the laws.
    Are you ok down there with all the rain? We are really
    feeling and praying for those in the flooded areas-monumental amounts. Arlene

  3. The nice thing about living in Arkansas is that as long as you don’t use it in an aggressive manner if it’s a blade it’s legal.

  4. Thanks, Brother! I’ve researched a bunch of state guns laws (prior to travel), but I never considered the blades I tote around in the vehicle. A few of my Get Home Bags have 18-24″ saw-back machetes. They could be a problem! I carry several knives on me every single day: Swiss Army Knife (Huntsman) in my pocket, a Schrade Tough Tool on my belt and occasionally, I wear a fixed blade on a cord around neck.


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