Can’t people just be respectful?

Every so often I get emails from readers that disagree with something I have written. Not a problem….really. I absolutely have no issue with someone disagreeing and providing a different perspective on a topic. What is unacceptable is when someone comments or emails with an opinion that contains malice, anger, and flat out disrespect.

I am a man. I am an adult. I can take criticism. I do not profess to know everything and am always willing to hear someone else’s opinion. I try to be considerate and respectful. I wish more people were like that. To be honest those people that read this site and enjoy picking it apart piece by piece and criticizing nearly everything I write need to get a life. Those people should spend some time doing something a bit more valuable like rearranging their sock drawer.

I value you – all of you. I profess to be an expert at nothing and am always willing to learn from others. I started this blog almost two years ago with the goal to connect with fellow like-minded folks and share my thoughts on survival and the world today. I am pretty satisfied with what has happened here at ModernSurvivalOnline.

In summary I want to say thank you to all of you who visit here and accept what you find for what it is. I appreciate all of you that leave comments and want to engage the subject and keep the discussion going.

I appreciate those that even disagree and provide different perspectives than my own.

I recently received a bunch of emails from readers telling me that I needed to stop drinking Diet Pepsi. It has been over 2 weeks since I have had any. Nothing but water.

Thank you.

To those that overly criticize, disrespect, get personal and are totally inconsiderate – your opinion is just about as valuable as the US dollar.


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  1. List their names so we can talk bad about them, and their cats (probably not dog people).
    Remember that avoiding confrontation at all cost and the comment about sometimes there just needs to be an ass whooping?
    You got a great site guy.

  2. Keep up the great work! I enjoy your site and I find if not only interesting but very beneficial in continuing to prepare my family! Thank you and God Bless! Linda in Maryland

  3. I totally agree. Some folks just are just mean spirited, and love to complain. I wouldn’t let it get me down. You provide a very valuable service (for free). Thank you very much for all that you do. Tony

  4. Lack of respect for others is one of the greatest problems in this country. Ignore the jerks, don’t let them get you down. For every one of them, there are thousands that are willing to learn and contribute positively. Your site has been of great value to me, and I appreciate your work.


  5. Rourke, I could not agree with you more. What we do takes a lot of time and thought. Being respectful now days is the exception not the rule like it used to be. I for one wish things like respect and honor would become the rule again. I remember an old saying my mother taught me when I was young. “If you don’t have anything good to say,don’t say anything at all”. Let the critic’s put their own blog up and see how fast their opinion is shredded to bit’s. I for one appreciate all the information that you disseminate to all of us. Keep your chin up and keep putting out the great info. 🙂

  6. Hey Rourke,

    I am on a lot of different sites and blogs often to try and learn what I can and no matter what the topic may be there are always people who feel the need to pick apart and criticize everything to show their knowledge of the subject. I think these people feel inferior in their real world lives so they try to make up for it online, it’s kind of sick when you think about it. A lot of the time they criticize things that have little or nothing to do with the main point of the article or they correct the author with specific information that was left out of an article (obviously to everyone except the know-it-alls) because the specific information was either not needed to make the point or was so obvious that the information didn’t need to be in the article. These people are at the limits of their capacity to learn anything new because they know it all and they want to make sure that everyone else knows that. Most of us well balanced individuals know that we all can learn from each other and know that when all we do is look for things to criticize or disagree with, our capacity to learn something new becomes all but impossible. I know a few of these people in real life and they are miserable creatures, unhappy and incapable of normal healthy relationships and I actually feel sorry for them because they are missing a lot of life and most people avoid them like lepers. Keep up your good work, the vast majority of us don’t know it all and we but we love learning new ideas and can’t get enough.

  7. It is exposure through the “thin veneer of society”. Working anonymously behind a computer allows one’s true self come out in expression. You will get this in spades when things ever go upside down. Even the survivalist/preparing community are not immune to human nature. Although, writing skills are much more complicated than speaking skills. It is difficult for most to express without the ability to voice inflect and use other visual communication. Consider it an impairment and avert your gaze as though we are hideously disfigured.

  8. Well said. I may not always agree with you (most of the time I do or I wouldn’t keep reading your blog). However, I can’t imagine anything you could possibly post which would entice me to be rude or disrespectful. Heck, you could insult my pitbulls or the red headed spousal unit and I wouldn’t take offense. They might, but that’s between you and them (the pitties can be fur coated razor blades when properly pissed off and the red head is just plain mean, so I’ll just sit back and watch the fray).

    For those of you who don’t appreciate Rourke’s efforts, take your business elsewhere.

  9. thats great about the pepsi man!!! proud of you!! that shit is a killer…literally! if you wanna check out some info that will piss you off and might make you cry after you see what youve really been feeding your children (it did to me man, i couldnt believe what my ignorance was doing to my own children). i havent been studying this “doom and gloom” (or what i like to call…reality!) for about 2.5 years now and the things i have learned about our food supply is more than depressing. anywho you should check out a few movies….one called Forks over Knives its awesome…about food and food industry. another amazing vid is called Food Matters and a follow up to that is The Gerson Miracle which proves that cancer can be cured with an amazing variety of things (no modern medicne at all). a great website for vids on food is, there are about 14 pages of documentaries…awesome site and check out…..56 pages of documentaries…tons of good info. of course i check out daily for info. the best thing that you could do now is start to suppliment you diet with lots and lots of vitamins…..6 months ago if you told me that 6 months from now i would be 40 pounds lighter, off of pharmaceauticals completly and feeling better than i had in 3 years id have called you crazy but i do man…it amazing what changing your diet and taking vitamins can do for your health…it truly is amazing…i take around 50 vitamins a day that sounds like alot but look at it this way…the sicker your body is the more good stuff you have to put into it to make it better, the up side is that because we americans have such shitty diets (our bodies are just about fucked) that as soon as you start feeding it good stuff the bad is forced out…fast!! the sicker you are the faster you will heal because there is so much sickness inside of you that getting even a little out will show vast improvement…..get it? try it man i suggest high and i mean high doses of vitamin c i take about 15000% of the daily reccomended value (a joke anyway…the reccomend value from the fda for vitamin d is 400 units….i take about 50000 units a day for comparrison, dont listen to the governments daily allowance, its far far too low…remember they want you sick, the sicker you are the more money you will pour into the medical system). start with vitamin c vitamin d and fish oils…another awesome one is called astaxanathin..its amazing….just do your own research everyones body is different and will need different vitamins for you to heal properly, do your research!! but if you do start i will say a few months you will feel alive like never before and will be wondering why the hell no one told you about this before….like your teachers…in kindergarden(this should be known to every man woman and child if you wanna stay outta the sick care system that we have nwo…oops misspell (or was it) i mean now. take care man, if you want any additional info hit me up always willing to help a fellow prepper!!

  10. You tell them Rourke, you doing a whole lot more then the naysayers. You are doing a great job with this web site. If we all said the same things, did the same things, had the same ideas, it would be a boring world. Variety is the spice of life, and the prepper world too.

    Take care.


  11. I think the author of this site provides TONS of useful and timely information, and does so with the sincerest of intenetions…
    Please disregard the haters, and stay with the cause…
    Best wishes and regards,

    Frank C.

  12. I am really happy for you that you havent had one in 2 weeks. It will get easier! Did you suffer from headaches? I’ve been off the diet coke for 3 1/2 years now and won’t dare touch it ever again out of fear of relapsing. I have a diet 7-up once a month or so for fun. =) Keep it up!!!!!

    • Jennifer –

      I experienced no withdrawal’s or really desires to have one. Honestly pretty surprising. I put so much effort into Crossfit – I try to make that effort count by eating better and providing the water my body needs.

      Take care – Rourke

  13. i appreciate your efforts. even when i disagree with you it prompts me to take another look and try to see the bigger picture-always a valuable exercise.

    • Michael –

      Thanks – I agree. When someone points out a different perspective I certainly consider other viewpoints.

      Thanks – Rourke

  14. Rourke Thanks for what you do I enjoy your blog. Yours is one of 2 blogs I check everyday when I get up in the morning. Keep up the great work.

  15. Rourke,
    The vast majority of us just quietly read and enjoy your work. Thank you!

    “I don’t know the secret of success, but the secret of failure is to try to please everybody.” –Bill Cosby

  16. Hi Rourke,

    I just read your post and thought i’d leave a comment. I can’t remember how i found your site, but i’ve come back almost everyday to read it. I like your site and think you’re doing a great job, so keep up the good work.

  17. Ha!! I see one of the main culprits has chosen not to comment on this topic!!
    You’re doing great Rourke, we disabled comments over a year ago because of this.
    We figured if the complainers want to write they can start their own sites.
    I often wonder where they find time to prep if they’re trolling all day?

  18. Hey Rourke,
    I don’t have much time for internet and such, but I make time every day to check your website. Your work is of great value to me. I wish I were surrounded by people like you in my daily activities.
    Opinions are like hemorroids. They are fine until they come out and then they are a pain in the……..
    Thanks for all you do.

  19. I really hope that none of my posts have ever been considered disrespectful by you, or anybody else. This site is a true public service, and much-appreciated.

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