Call to Action – November 15’……..FOOD

act-nowThis is the first installment of a new monthly series called “Call to Action”. Call to Action (CTA) is a monthly reminder to review one part of your prep’s and strengthen it.

This month is looking at what I consider the most important prep…

Most any size crisis can effect the ability to acquire food. Whether it’s a winter storm, hurricane, or all out economic collapse – food can suddenly become a very large concern. Without it things can go south in a hurry.

This month I am looking at my own food supplies. I can see that certain types have been used up without replenishing, while others are just fine. Freeze dried food is an area that I need to shore up – and will be doing so this month. Canned meat is another area I am lacking and have already started increasing my supplies.

Everyone has a vision for what they are preparing for and everyone has particular geographical, economic, and family situations to take into account.

Here are a few links on food storage:

“The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for 30 years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.”

— Calvin Trillin

So – take inventory on your stored food and dedicate some resources to improve what you have. With the recent ammunition shortage many of you may have felt frustrated, even stressed thinking to yourself, “Man, I should have stocked up when it was available and cheap.”

Don’t let that same thing happen in a crisis when you are looking at feeding your family.

If you are willing to share your food storage plans – please do!


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17 thoughts on “Call to Action – November 15’……..FOOD”

  1. Really enjoyed this one .. and will need to review it a few times.. lots of information. I have a couple questions for everyone.. to see the thinking and variety.

    1.) How do you folks label your foods, given the non-dry foods have a shelf life? so we can keep up and just cycle out before expiration and eat it and replace it ..
    2.) How do you store it and where. I’ve been working on a root cellar storm shelter design.. but it is NOT cheap.. and I want to protect and separate my home from my prep foods… we live in tornado alley and on a fault line .. The most likely emergency would make food stored in the home hard to get to or impossible (scattered over the state 🙂 )
    3.) Shelves, type, pallets or just stacked ?

    I’ve been working on it and between my seed collections, canning and extra purchases it’s time to do something less than haphazard and keep up inventory type lists and organization. So.. any lessons learned ? I’d rather not duplicate a screw up.

    Thanks guys .. right on time for me Rourke.

    • goingray58 –

      Here are my answers and I am not suggesting this is ideal but just what I do….

      1. I only label buckets and Mylar bags – month and year. Canned goods I rotate and just do not worry about the expiration date. They will last years and years past the expiration date.

      2. I store my food all over the place. Closets, cabinets, kitchen shelves, and some n the garage when the weather cools.

      3. I have a closet in my “computer room” that has a few shelves but food is stacked from floor to ceiling. I do not have the vlume for skids/pallet.

      Good thoughts on seeds. I have a bunch but need to refresh the supply and organize them.

    • Going58
      Like I live on the Tornado Alley door step (Bedford-Texas) Here is what I do:

      #1 Like (JR) I date code my jars, buckets, mylar bags, vacuumed sealer bags by (M/YR) ex:11/15 then underneath that a description label, it looks something like this:
      ex: 11/15
      Bulk Pinto Beans
      $X.XX per lb
      or 11/15
      Pkg Pinto Beans

      I rotate both my commercial can goods and home canned goods. I don’t care about expiration dates as much. A university inspected some home canned good from the US Civil war and they were still good, although the nutrient factor was nil, it had no bad bacteria.

      BTW, with all the critters in Texas, I keep my foods in Jars, Cans, Buckets and Storage tubs
      #2 I store things through the house with the primary pantry in my office closet on metro-racks and my TAC-Gear on the side. Meds in the hall closet stored in those plastic shoe boxes from (BigLots)

      #2 In the garage I keep items that are not temperature sensitive (Paper plates,cups, TP, paper towels, plastic wear)etc, H2O in 15 gal drums on heavy duty shelving along the walls

      #3 For short term storage I vacuum seal (Beans, Rice, Flour, Grains, Legumes,into meal size portions for wife and I then put packs into buckets.

      Ex: 2 cups rice is enough for a dinner for us.

      I also do meals in a jar and my own DH vacuumed seals meals, this way I can control the amount of chemicals, preservatives and sodium in my foods.

      This weekend I will be making Woodsman chili, Swedish Meat balls in mushroom gravy, Chicken Tiki Marsala and Beef Stew. These will canned into pint and quart jars for quick meals. A portion will be (DH’d) and vacuumed sealed into light weight go bags for hunting, camping or bugging out.

      • Badger359
        Thanks .. that was a lot of work ..
        I’ll echo Joyce .. on the recipe .. but really on your canning a meal method .. I’m emphasizing canning lately so I can learn it .. I’m collecting glass at estate sales .. and trying to use Tattler lids .. as reusable… They work good for everything so far but oven canning..
        Instead I freeze dry goods to prevent critter eggs.. and now to Mylar .. my next adventure.. getting there.
        I have some older canned stuff back to 04 and 05 that is fine . and some I just tossed out.. and reusing the glass.. didn’t seal well.

        I ran across a tid bit that said to freeze the water in gallon jugs and store it in freezer space, and if you lose power it keeps your stuff cool longer and or put jugs in the fridge until you can use your consumable stuff up .. then the water is usable.. It also said it made freezer storage more efficient in energy usage. Sounds ok to me.

        You too man .. good lists.. seems like storage is the final frontier .. ahem space .. yeah bad pun I know it’s all I got for now.

        You know .. If i had it to do over when I designed and built my home .. and I was the builder for it etc .. I would do it different now. I have entirely too much reliance on municipal utilities. IS WHAT IT IS UNTIL IT ISN’T.
        Thanks again folks

        • You can not have enough jars.

          I stick to large mouth jars for simplicity of stock, easier to fit meats and I have big hands, besides I hate when the last drops of food get hung up on the shoulders.

          Tattlers are great.

          For critter eggs etc, like Flour, grains and rice, I will put them in the freezer for 24-48 hrs in a loosly sealed bag,

          It’s a little bit of work, but look at this way (Sweat Equity Spent Today, Is peace and calm for tomorrow when Mr. Murphy visits your area)

          Just think of the ticking time bomb all those people are going to have to deal with in St Louise, There been an underground fire going on since 2010 below ground, now it’s (1,200 ft) away from a nuclear dump site. THey say it will reach this site between 3-6 months from now, EPA says that radiation fall out will happen. They already told the residences that radiation has been detected in the water table but don’t worries because the water if flowing away from you and down the Missouri river. HELLO!!!!, Uranium and Radium and been detected? what about Thorium? anyway there is a big problem with this IMHO, we could have our FUKUSHIMA. another SHTF to add to your preps.

  2. Due to unexpected events this summer/early fall, we are still splitting wood-for next year or beyond if we get a mild winter. Unexpecteds….just what we all are preparing for. There WILL be unexpecteds, we just aren’t sure when, only that they will come.
    I agree Goingray….this is right on time for us as well 🙂 With Thanksgiving rushing at us, i am grateful for what IS done to carry us into the future, but want to inventory and know not only what i have but where to access it. Will…#1-print out one of those inventory sheets you have provided here and USE it. (Thank You Rourke !!!) #2-ORGANIZE what i do have. My memory is not what it once was and i probably have a skewed concept of my stores. (Also partly due to just being able to pick up extras as i do my regular shopping and everything is co-mingled. For all of you who have your spouse on board, be VERY GRATEFUL when you give thanks, at the end of the month especially!)
    Will be taking a close look at all the links posted and am looking forward to what everyone shares since i too want to avoid costly mistakes. Even if you have one thing to share please take the time to do so, THANKS !!!

  3. Thanks for all your ideas.and Rourke-good timing. Goin grey58- We store our food ( DH,FD,canned etc.) in our freezer, in our barn, on every floor of our home and in the old cellar. I label all cans and jars with the date I purchase them(the exp date is on them also) and we use up the oldest first.We have eaten well sealed packages of crackers 4 years old and they tasted like new. We also store extra food at our adult kids homes (for them and us) .
    We have some metal shelving,wooden shelving and cement blocks, in various places in our home.Under the beds-behind the couch etc.
    Store what you like to eat. YES we have seeds
    in dry places that are cool and also in the freezer. WATER -store lots of water even from the tap. We store vitamins as part of our food storage. Some cheese freezes well .(like mozz. sticks) We have corned beef hash,tuna,soups,stew etc -stuff we all like.
    Recently saw that BJs has powdered peanut butter now.
    Honey stores indefinitely .
    I need to get better organized.
    Prepping is our way of life…. be well everyone. Arlene

    • Thanks for stopping by Arlene.

      Funny – I thought DH was “dear husband”. Ha!

      Question on the crackers Arlene – were these canned or in mylar? Saltines? I have canned saltines and used them over a year later. Stale ones in the box? Horrible!

  4. Remember to write on the top and bottom of store bought canned goods what is in it and the expiration date with permanent marker. This will let you know what is inside long after the paper label is gone.


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