Bullet powered arrow? This is interesting…..

MSO reader Ronnie sent me a link to this very interesting and unique new product….the Bow-Mag Arrowhead.

The product is basically a special arrowhead which contains a .38/.357 Magnum round which goes off on impact. For a survival situation – I see this as a serious force multiplier. I also see some serious hazards with the product but time will tell how well it works.

Watch the following video and share your thoughts…..





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  1. Interesting. Could be very handy in certain situations. I don’t see too many drawbacks except ammo shortages. But if you are hand/re loading? no background checks or waiting periods.

  2. I like it, As I’m into unique thing’s !
    ( I wonder what the wholesale $ is & the max quanity in a case/$ )

    Plus Rourke Your ZOMBIE Prepping Crowd will be buying these like they’re made outta Gold ! ” The Ability to shoot their Zombie from Hidding & deliver the power of a Point Blank .357 shot to it’s HEAD ! A win …. win for them !

  3. Does the explosion destroy the cylinder so that it is a one time shot and then the entire bow mag cylinder needs to be replaced???? Thank you..just ordered..from Amazon.com.

  4. I would worry that this gizmo might make too many folks who are not skilled with a bow think they are a combo of Rambo and Robinhood. I need no explosive tip on my broadhead.

    • CaptTurb –

      Yeah – sorta what I was thinking. Carelessness with these looking to see something “cool”.

      BUT – it does look pretty cool though.


  5. With a snub nose revolver (2″), you get significantly less speed out of a bullet than a hunting barrel (8″+). There are diminishing returns on the overall length… but the concept stands there. The problem is on the other end… you have no barrel here. Yes, the impact may cause the bullet to go off in the body, however I question the efficacy of a round like this, as substituting penetration of the arrow itself for a small explosive may not have a balanced perspective. Yes, explosive (and cool for “one who bears thunder”), but not the silent but deadly option that my son likes with his bow.

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