Budget blankets from Harbor Freight

blanketsLooking for some inexpensive but rugged blankets to put away as part of your supplies? Check out the moving blankets at Harbor Freight. These things are 72″ x 80″ and run around $8.99. Other sizes as low as $4.99. Cheaper when on sale.

Sure – they are not luxurious items bought at Macy’s but if your cold they will help provide warmth.

Besides using these for warmth they can be used to protect guns while transporting them and of course – protecting furniture.

Great for stretching the almighty dollar.


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  1. Rourke-yes these are good for the price. We bought as few awhile ago and have used them for lining the back of the vehicle to prevent dirt from the dogs or farm items etc. Thanks thats a good suggestion for warmth .They would make a good bottom blanket in a tent for under a sleeping bag also. Arlene

  2. I sewed a pair of these moving blankets in vehicle bed rolls I keep in the truck, along with a tarp bungee corded for carry and for shelter. Good for temps to about 50 degrees and up but putting one inside the other should make it far better. NOT WATERPROOF, so if you are getting precipitation, the tarp or other cover is necessary. But you can’t have everything and at the price offered, its a bargain.

  3. I love Harbor Freight … they have so many things there that are decent quality and affordable … tarps, simple generators … etc.

  4. That’s funny .. I got several on sale they had .. along with a couple solar panels . .and some 12v pumps for my hothouse.

    The blankets are pretty good .. quilted.
    you can cut em and use paracord ties to make a poncho liner that works really well..
    I got some of their camo tarps too .. waterproof..
    I can never get out of that place with only getting just the one thing I went for 🙁

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