Buck Hoodlum knife on sale at Amazon

As I type this Monday night Amazon has the Buck Hoodlum knife on sale for about $126.00 – which is a great price. This could change in a heart beat – and often does. Anything under $150 is very good.

Check it out HERE.


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  1. Appears Amazon and the like are going to put our local knife store out of business (their price for the Hoodlum is $199.95 + tax) just like they did with the bookstore.

    Wal-Mart killed the pharmacy that had been in town over 40 years and both grocery stores.

    I am still willing to pay a little more for personal service and to support the local businesses. They buy from me and I buy from them.

    • Harry –

      I totally agree. I try to shop my local gun shop as much as I can – but when they charge $60 more for a Ruger 10/22 – well, I have to go to where it is cheaper.

      Thanks – Rourke

  2. I have one (and yes, I ordered it online). A nice knife and although I havent taken it out camping yet, I used it to chop through a 4″ log (did pretty well, wear gloves!) and battoned another log where it did very well. The sheath is atrocious though and ended up buying a kydex sheath for it which works great.

    My thoughts on local v online: if I go to a store to handle an item, to try it on for fit etc, i buy locally. If the item can be bought sight unseen/untouched, I go for the best price, usually online but sometimes local stores do better.

  3. Rourke,
    Thanks for the answer back. Not many administrators would have taken the time. That’s why I like your site.

    Exactly my point – too many folks go to local stores, play with the goodies, then go home and order it from some yo-yo who is working out of their garage with no overhead. They spend 2 hours grilling the local guy for info and then don’t allow him to make anything for his time and knowledge. I have even heard guys at the local gun shows brag about buying something online and then when they don’t like the fit and feel they take it to the local retailer and claim they lost their receipt.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are many items which I buy on-line (clothes from Duluth Trading for instance); but, if it is something I want to make certain it fits (like a knife) I always buy local. Sometimes, I will haggle with the store owner (and usually manage to get some give on the price), but I don’t ask them to match a web site’s price.

    Final thought – if the SHTF and you really need that one last special item that somehow you have not yet put away for a rainy day, would you rather have a local source who you have helped stay in business or hope that the Good Fairy will bring it to you?

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