Brain Eating Amoeba……the next pandemic?

water-faucetI recently had respected reader and frequent contributor “The Coach”  send me some information that is pretty concerning and felt I should pass it on. Basically – there have been cases of humans becoming extremely sick and dying from what is diagnosed as an Amoeba called Naegleria fowleri. The brain eating amoeba are entering bodies via ingestion through the nasal passages or  – and there is controversy surrounding this – via the mouth.

Although widespread deaths have not occurred – the scary thing is that this threat is being found in public water systems. Currently cases have been identified in states including Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Arkansas. 

I am no expert on brain eating amoeba’s – and do not care to be however below are some links where you can find more information:

Reading through these reports (correct order is from bottom to top) it appears there is controversy over whether ingestion through the mouth can be dangerous as the acids in the stomach should kill the amoeba. Regardless – in areas around New Orleans – an area currently hardest hit and a focal point of amoeba  breakouts – bottled water is flying off the shelves. “Coach” is reporting first hand that many people are very scared and there is great concern as to whether the government is sharing all available information or not.

Why now? Why are cases being reported more and more? This looks to be a scene out of a sci-fi movie just prior to a massive breakout (of brain eating amoebas). 

ALERT: I just received an email from “Coach” with additional information – here it is:

I found out some new information that is NOT being released to the general public.


The State of Louisiana told many parishes that they wanted them to elevate the amounts  of “Chlorine” in their water systems to kill this bug. However, NONE of the parishes, (Counties), have done so. The reason is that if they elevate the amount of “Chlorine” in the water, it would be over the amounts that the E.P.A. allows.


Here’s the catch 22. The parishes can not elevate the amount of “Chlorine” in the water until and IF they get permission to do so from the E.P.A. Yet the E.P.A. will not give the state permission to do so because the government is shut down and they will NOT consider the states application until the government reopens.


Another question, why has the CDC not gotten involved? We have been told that the symptoms of this “Brain Eating Amoeba” is the same as “Mad Cow Disease”.


How has this “Brain Eating Amoeba” gotten into our water supply?
Terrorist activity? If not, why is it in only water systems being treated with Choline and Ammonia and not in other water systems?


The State of Louisiana says that the only way to get this is to inhale it through the nose like swimming. However, what about inhaling the spray from taking a shower, or shaving or firefighters inhaling the spray from their water hoses from fight a fire or training? What about through a cut or problem tooth?


I suspect there is a lot more going on here than we are being told because they are scared they will scare the tourist away or panic the local population. But what is worst, scaring the tourist and local populations or catching this bug that destroys your brain?


One unfortunate thing – if the amoebas make it to Washington, DC they are liable to starve.

Take care all – go get your bottled water.



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  1. What Coach has shared is indeed alarming! However at this point in time this seems mostly to be affecting the gulf area…doesn’t mean it can’t spread…and I just upped my water storage plan, right before hearing this! I hope that our LifeStraws are effective against this parasite…

  2. If you will observe and recall the immense irresponsible, hedonistic, elitist, idiotic and so-called “leadership” in DC… it may well be that the original outbreak was actually in the air – in DC.

  3. I am convinced that these SOB meaning Government Agencies, Air Force and Nasa. Are involved in this NEVER ENDING effort to contaminate our skies and the air we Breath with poisons and pathogens. In Florida almost every day is no longer seen with Blue Skies as it should be and once was. There are large passenger type/size planes that literally coat the sky with a fog,mist,whitish milky cloud like substance that at days end blocks out the sunlight somewhat. The planes cris cross the sky in patterns all day and sometime at night. We wake up only to see they have coated our air and sky above us again.

    People all over with new unknown lung infections..The Mystery Patient they call them. Burning skin, eye irritations, breathing difficulty. NOT ALLERGY’S! We have countless pictures and video of planes doing this. We have pictures of the milky bubbly coating in standing water after a downpour on a day of heavy spraying. We have watched as this substance falls slowly to ground level and experienced the discomfort associated with whatever it is they are doing.
    We notified the Senator Rubio of this. Received a reply going to look into it. Nothing done! This is not just a thing, It is not a conspiracy theory. This is for real and there is something big we are not being told. People and families are getting hurt. Must Be Stopped. We have to REFUSE to be a non voluntary participant in their experiment. or EXTERMINATION.

  4. With that being said. Is it possible that this Brain Eating Amoeba is being introduced into our watersheds and systems from contaminants in these sprays that eventually float back down to ground level. The bubbly milky substance floating on the surface of puddles water that eventually runs off into our waterways?

    This is a non bias simple observation.

  5. SCARY!!!, I just moved to Texas. And I do not like the water here, smells like chlorine has a funny taste, the shower smells like it’s at the pool side. I filter my H2O, now am not sure if that’s enough. Now I may need to boil in addition too.

  6. Luckily this thing is easily filtered out of your water. Most modern water filters used for creating drinking water will easily remove this parasite. And 1 micron or smaller filter will do the job.

  7. Have to agree with the comments by grammyprepp, DrAllen, Kevin, and Rourke. In Florida an amoeba has been around for a long time, it becomes dangerous when the water gets warm, if memory serves me it’s around 68-70 degrees. It appears there was a problem on the east coast of FL. in Volusia and Flgler counties, so it appears there is a salt water strain. It enters the brain through the nose and I suspect it can enter through open cuts. You may be able to get info from your local health officials as when this amoeba may be presant in your area.

  8. I was hesitant to make light of such a serious subject but I see I worried for nothing, how bout this; My understanding is that Naegleria fowleri Amoeba doesn’t usually cause death, just an easily lead dependency…. clearly, half the voting population is already infested.

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