Boy…..what a different response

Below is a video where law enforcement responds to a call concerned several armed guys standing in an intersection. Compared to the recent video posted here on  – this situation certainly went totally different.




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  1. I suppose it would be to much to ask that all law enforcement be as educated as this officer. It appears he has dealt with this group or similar before and certainly this is different than responding to a call about armed people in a mall…but… Shouldn’t the PEACE OFFICERS be educated on the citizen or citizens who will act on their Constitutional rights whether it be in protest or in just living there lives. I think much of the 2 videos is a direct reflection of societies gun debate, guns are bad and nothing good can come from them vs. guns are our right and a tool to keep us safe…. AND FREE! There is also the mindset of the peace officer who has been programmed to believe it is them against us, the streets are a war-zone. Hard to blame them for at least a part of that. Cross me with intent and I’m the Jedi warrior that will end you, but to roll over and finger f*ck your alarm clock every morning knowing your dressing in blue and hitting the streets playing cops and robbers ..these days.. well.. I couldn’t do it, no way.

  2. It’s unfortunate, but you may have to take local politics into account. A friend’s dad, who was a vocal supporter of a non-incumbent candidate for County Sheriff was arrested a while back for “carrying a concealed weapon without a CCW permit” (they offered to reduce to “disturbing the peace”) because he was about a foot outside his property line fixing a fence and his denim jacket covered about a half-inch on the big .357 SA hogleg he carried when checking his fences, or doing dang near anything else outside his house on his 300 acres of near-wilderness mountain property.

    VA has been an open-carry State for a while, the case got thrown out of court, and a Deputy got fired, but it was still annoying. Situational Awareness extends to more than just the obvious.

  3. Good job. This officer obviously knows the law and is respectful of the citizens of his town. I am still apposed to open carry though, as it hurts our cause. Right or wrong, there are a lot of people that are very sensitive to seeing a firearm carried in public. Get a CCW permit and carry concealed. Don’t give them anymore ammo to use against us, than you have to. It’s better OPSEC as well.

  4. I donno….. I think I would a worn a simple linen suit with a low key ‘Blue’ church tie… wadda ya think. Open carry advocates tend to dress…. blue jeans scruffy. I kinda think you may wanna look like a Democrat to get folks … thinking about it a lil longer. IMHO

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