Body Armor giveaway……….

SafeGuard Armor is giving away two Stealth™ Bullet and Stab Proof Vests all you have to do is like  their Facebook page or like the announcement post and share it. Closing date is 31st March


How to enter?

1) Go to Facebook and Share the Contest Post from Wednesday, March 20th

2) Like the Contest Post from Wednesday, March 20th on Facebook

Winners selected at random! Closing date 31st March!


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  1. I really hate it when you have a give-a-way on a great product and the ONLY way you can enter is through FaceBook. I DON’T FACEBOOK and NEVER WILL. I think FB is horrible along with most any other “social” media. For Christ’s sake, we put our entire lives on public display for the world to see.

    Thanks for letting me vent,


  2. I don’t worry about social media. The digital age ended privacy long ago. It’s better to take care of / steward your data on the net rather than avoid it imho.

  3. In regards to SafeGuard Armor is giving away two Stealth™ Bullet and Stab Proof Vests…I ‘Liked’ and ‘Shared’ in Facebook, but there was no place to enter my contact info. What gives?

  4. I too dislike being excluded from entering if not on FB. I no longer use FB for all of the obvious reasons and for all the reasons that are not so obvious.

  5. I also don’t use facebook. Just don’t like it,trust it, and don’t want it. But I hate missing out on give aways like this. Good luck to all y’all FB users!

  6. All —

    Everyone makes there own choices when it comes to Facebook. The reality is for any businesses to be successful in today’s environment social media is a must. I know it sucks – but so didn’t my mothers meat loaf but I had to eat it anyway.

    Guess what – next Guest Post Writing Contest will have one of these vest as a prize – so get started writing!

    Take care all – Rourke

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