Body armor for sale………….



These are both size LARGE and are identical. I am 5 foot 10 – 205 pounds – fits well.

Never worn – has been stored flat.

NIJ Level II Ballistic Protection
NIJ Level I Edged Blade Protection
NIJ Level I Spike Protection

The retail for $540. I am looking to get $450 (including shipping) for the pair. I would consider separating them if I do not get any takers on the pair.

If interested – “shoot” me an email – emergencycd(at)


This is a covert vest, and is designed to be worn under clothes.

With our CoolMAX linings, the wearer can remain cool in their vest. The advanced poly-cotton netting materials allow excessive heat to escape, and the netting also helps keep the body warm in colder climates.

The soft poly-cotton outer shell further improves the heat transfer and retention abilities of the vest, and also offers the wearer the option to make the vest almost invisible under clothing.


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  1. Body armor is a GREAT investment. Buyers should understand, however, that body armor–just like martial arts and machine guns as depicted by Hollywood–has no magical properties. It will stop most handgun bullets (.454 Casull, .445 Supermag and .50 S&W probable exceptions), but without a trauma plate, even a big bore handgun bullet can deliver so much concussive force that it has the potential to break ribs, injure internal organs and if it hits the breast bone hard enough, could injure or even stop the heart. The most vulnerable position the wearer could expose to the bad guys is his profile. The area covering the ribs from the side is too soft to save your ribs from any rifle bullet impact, and a bullet entering the upper arm from a profile shot would likely travel into your vital zone, as there’s nothing to stop it–the vest doesn’t protect the upper arm, and so this is the path that could allow a bullet in. Don’t get brave with a vest. It’s a GREAT tool–but be as cautious as if you’re wearing only a teeshirt . It CAN offer protection, but nothing like one sees in the movies.

  2. I would have to agree with the above author. To survive I want to be light and quick, able to move. You can carry a lot of ammo equal to weight of vest.

  3. We need more pressure put on the State of New York .The Politicians of this state are very arrogant. I live in the blue state of hell, I fight every day for our rights as free people with a Constitution and Bill of rights in which we believe in up holding against the left liberals, who have control of the media and only push their ideals on to all the masses, because they feel they know what is best for everyone.They only bring to the attention of their viewers, their views as the only way.I call it Brain washing.I have started to go after the news media, that is to far left, but I feel I am alone at times,but when I’m down, I do think about my Oathkeepers friends and know I’m fighting for them too.This battle can not be lost there is to much to lose.If it is done in New York it will spread to all the states.If you can help, even if it is not your State, pressure has to put on these people from all angles from all of our Countrymen and Women and let these Politicians know that We The People of New York are not standing alone.Talk to other Companys who do business in New York, Tell them you do not agree with what is happening here. The one thing Politicians do not like is someone telling them they will lose business Revenues and jobs.If you can not stop selling all related items to New York,but you believe in the Constitutional Rights and The Bill of Rights, You and Your fellow Countrymen and Woman have been and are being ATTACKED by the Politicians of New York. Could you please Step Up and Tell those PoliticiansWhat You and Your Company Stand for as far as our Constitutional Rights and the Bill of Rights.It is now the time that WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will not let anyone take our Rights away or INFRINGE ON THE CONSTITUTION OR OUR BILL OF RIGHTS WITH OUT A FIGHT.
    Thank You for your time and I do hope You can and are willing to help the Law Bidding Citizens of New York who are on the front line battle for all our rights.May GOD BLESS YOU AND AMERICA.
    Gun Companies Boycott New York: Urging all Manufactures to Stop Selling Firearms to New York Police
    Filed under News February 14, 2013 Posted by: Off Grid Survival
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    Six firearms manufacturers have joined together in an effort to protest New York’s unconstitutional firearms laws. Barrett Firearms, LaRue Tactical, Olympic Arms, Extreme Firepower Inc, Templar Custom and York Arms have all stopped selling firearms to all New York law enforcement and government agencies. A number of them are also starting to call for an industry wide boycott on any state who bans civilian ownership.
    The boycott is in response to New York’s latest efforts to strip the American public’s 2nd amendment rights.
    President of Olympic Firearms put out the following statement:
    Legislation recently passed in the State of New York outlaws the AR15 and many other firearms, and will make it illegal for the good and free citizens of New York to own a large selection of legal and safe firearms and magazines. We feel as though the passage of this legislation exceeds the authority granted to the government of New York by its citizens, and violates the Constitution of the United States
    Due the passing of this legislation, Olympic Arms would like to announce that the State of New York, any Law Enforcement Departments, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders within the State of New York, or any New York State government entity or employee of such an entity – will no longer be served as customers.
    Olympic Arms invites all firearms manufacturers, distributors and firearms dealers to join us in this action to refuse to do business with the State of New York. We must stand together, or we shall surely fall divided.
    LaRue Tactical put out a press release that read:
    Effective today, in an effort to see that no legal mistakes are made by LaRue Tactical and/or its employees, we will apply all current State and Local Laws (as applied to civilians) to state and local law enforcement / government agencies.
    In other words, LaRue Tactical will limit all sales to what law-abiding citizens residing in their districts can purchase or possess.
    The recent boycott seems to have been inspired by Ronnie Barrett, owner and CEO of Barrett Firearms Manufacturing. Barrett Firearms, the company that manufacturers the most popular .50-caliber weapons in the world, refuses to sell firearms to any state that bans the civilian ownership of their firearms.
    Barrett was one of the first to put the 2nd amendment above profits when he stopped selling to California Law Enforcement, after lawmakers banned civilian ownership of his high-caliber rifles.
    At the time he wrote:
    “It’s hard to believe we live in such a dark time that someone has actually banned a single shot rifle. But as you will see, this is the cleverest of all gun bans, and the end goal is civilian disarmament, the confiscation of your tools of liberty, your rifles…” He goes on to say, “Barrett cannot legally sell any of its products to lawbreakers. Therefore, since California’s passing of AB50, the state is not in compliance with the US Constitution’s 2nd and 14th Amendments, and we will not sell nor service any of our products to any government agency of the State of California.
    While many of these companies will no doubt lose some revenue, it’s good to see them finally standing up to the law makers who are trying to take away our right to keep and bear arms. If companies like Glock, Smith & Wesson and SIG Sauer join the fight, we may actually see some of these States start to back off.
    Only time will tell whether these larger companies will put the second amendment above profits; they have the power to help, and they should let state and federal authorities know that if citizens can’t buy them, the government shouldn’t be allowed to either.

  4. A 1″ thick titanium plate will protect the central heart/lung area, but the first comments are, unfortunately, exactly on point. A big, heavy slug moving at 2,000 fps will generate so much energy that what ever organ is in it’s path will be shattered, such as the spleen and liver, which are very friable. The heart, ascending, and descending aortas will be ruptured by hydraulic force, as will the bladder. There are a number of .45-70 loads available for MODERN rifles that will do this, and Marlin’s 1895 is more than strong enough to use them. And of course, ound fired to the inside of the femur have a good chance of hitting the femoral aretery, which is a 3-4 minute bleed-out. Any soft body armor is susceptible to transmission of impact, no matter what it’s rating is. Now you know that while body armor is useful, it doesn’t make you invincible.

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