Best $5.00 spent on preparedness…..

First off – I am not even remotely suggesting that $5.00 is going to get you any level of comfort when it comes to preparation. The point of this post is merely to see what $5.00 can get you. So many of us are on a budget and if I bring forth one idea – and several of you suggest some others – now we are getting somewhere!


So – for me the best preparedness item you can buy for $5.00 is a pack of Bic lighters. Think about it: five full sized Bic lighters can be used to start many, many fires. I know many people have all kinds of ways to start a fire – I have dozens of these which would last many years.

So – what is your opinion? What preparedness item out there would you suggest is a great way to spend $5.00 on?




Here are a few inexpensive items from The Supply House:



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9 thoughts on “Best $5.00 spent on preparedness…..”

  1. Bic’s are the best lighter to have around(!) – we have tried many others (especially the freebeees that you get when purchasing a carton of smokes), but the Bic is by far the best lighter on the market! they light everytime and always have the same size blaze when lit unlike the cheapo brands!

    We keep at least two dozen lighters around us at home and in the vehicles!

    Jim – KC5DOV

  2. The best purchase I have made lately was $5 for two brand new single cotton sheets. They can be used as sheets, cut up and used for clothing/pillows/bags or as bandages if those in the first aid kit get all used up. I would prefer to use older sheets for bandages though, as that is less wasteful. Wash them, hang them in the sun to disinfect, then iron them and place them in sealed plastic bags and they will be as safe as one can get them in a difficult situation.

  3. I agree, the BIC’s are indeed a lot better than the knockoffs, HOWEVER, if you are a member of a wholesale club that sells tobacco products (Costco, Sam’s etc.) check into lighters there. I recently picked up a fifty-pack (50) of cheapo lighters, the same display pack you see on the counter at the discount store, for $4.95. They also have 50 packs of BICs for $34.95, so it’s still a good deal to look into.

  4. Selco (from SHTF School) repeatedly stated that he refilled lighters (as a job) during the civil war in Bosnia in the early 1990’s. Seems to me that is evidence of how important a reusable fire source can be. I buy the multi-packs of BIC lighters frequently. I store one pack for barter and break the other pack down for use, and for building small survival kits. As a pack-per-day smoker, I’d say a BIC lighter lasts me at least 2 months, maybe even three. I have 2 lighters with me at all times, one in use, one backup, as part of my EDC.

  5. I have, in the past, purchased several GLASS magnifying glasses at the surplus store. They don’t become scratched like the plastic ones, though they can break or shatter if dropped, that has not happened to me.

    At the time I bought mine, they cost 3.00 each, but that was years ago.

    They will start a fire in a short time with dry tinder, almost instantly you get an ember using char cloth.

    We have them in every BOB, and our grab bags by the door. If we have time, or evacuation bags, which are heavier, also have some, and extras for backup if needed.


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