BeeWench Blog Seed Contest……..

I love Internet contests and wanted to pass this on to all of you……

BeeWench Farm is giving away a starter package of heirloom seeds. If you win, your package will contain 5 seeds of the following:

Kentucky Wonder Pole Bean (15 seeds in this one)

Goldie Tomato

Peacevine Cherry Tomato

Trophy Tomato

Marconi Red Sweet Pepper

Rosa Bianca Eggplant

Marketmore 76 Cucumber

Black Beauty Zucchini

Early Golden Summer Crookneck Squash

Burrell’s Jumbo Melon

These seeds are all heirloom, open pollinated seeds that I have personally grown and saved seeds from. These seeds will offer many years of quality vegetables, squash and melons that you can save seeds from; GMO and pesticide free!

Rules: (of course there are rules…its a CONTEST!!) in order to be entered into the contest you must post about this contest somewhere else on the Internet; your blog, website or on a public forum, Facebook or Myspace. You must post a link to the contest site (this blog – BeeWench Farm) and then email the link where you posted to beewench at ymail dot com. Winners will be drawn on Thursday March 17th. GOOD LUCK!!

There are only a few days left!!!

Take care all –


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