Been to a gun shop lately?

I live in South Carolina and have visited several gun shops as well as stores that carry firearms and ammunition.  All are pretty much the same – no semi-automatic firearms (centerfire or rimfire), no magazines, and several calibers of ammunition virtually absent.

Don’t see this anymore.

With the threat of a new Assault Weapons Ban just over the horizon, there has been a massive rush on guns, magazines and ammunition – specifically AK’s, AR’s and the like. 7.62 x 39mm, .223/5.56mm, and 9mm ammunition have disappeared off the shelves along with .22LR.  Any and all magazines holding over 10 rounds are gone or selling online for big bucks.

.....nor this.
…..nor this.

I felt pretty squared away with all of the above. I felt that way until I suddenly couldn’t buy any more. I have been lucky. Over the past two weeks I have almost doubled my ammunition inventory due to networking with others who let me know locations where shipments arrived.

Most online retailers are totally sold out and are not even taking back orders any more. I have several order in and have no idea when shipments will be made.

Magazines for AR’s, AK’s and pretty much anything else semi-automatic are gone. PMAG’s are selling upwards of $50 on Gunbroker. Crazy. Retailers that get them in sell out quickly.


I have a friend that managed to buy an AR a couple weeks ago and ordered some magazines online. Now he has a wonderful firearm, and magazines – with no ammunition.

Events like this are why we prepare. I sincerely hope that all this “panic buying” is all for not. If you find yourself not in the position you feel you need to be when its comes to guns, ammunition, and magazines – get to it and do the best you can.


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  1. Been the same here but I actually got very lucky today. Lu and I were boot shopping at one of the big sports outlet stores (NOT Dick’s). While she tried on some Keens I wandered over to the gun counter and espied a S&W M&P 15-22 in the empty AR rack. I grabbed a sales rep and asked him if my eyes were working properly. Turns out they had gotten a shipment of 7 earlier that day. I grabbed one and immediately plunked down my credit card. He sold another one over the phone while we were doing the paperwork on mine. I’d been toying with buying a second one after shooting Lu’s so this was evidence of a higher power at work in my life. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

  2. history has been known to repeat it’s self, remeber germany in world war 2, hitler disarmed the people, and the people died, is this the same plan that home security has planned for us as well as fema? listen for the knock at your door!!

  3. My local Cabela’s and Bass Pro have been out of AR platforms for awhile now. Went to a gun show last week which had a decent selection, but horrible prices. I went to another local gun shop looking for a Smith&Wesson M&P 15/22 and the guy told me good luck. I was finally able to get one at my gun range/shop. I’ve never felt so lucky in my life.

  4. I drove into town for the gun show but decided NOT to attend. Very early in the morning the line to buy a ticket in was wrapped around the building. It looked like a big name rock and roll concert line – and it was 20-something degrees outside. I went back after lunch thinking that the hard-core were already done – NOPE! The line was still wrapped around the building. I got to peak inside the show doors as people came or went and it looked mobbed. Obviously, gun shows have gotten very popular!

  5. We had a gun show about an hour from my house this weekend. My wife went, I did not. The sponsor advertised as if there would be no AR platforms, out of respect to the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary. As it turns out, many vendors had semi-automatic rifles, but the prices were really high. My wife did manage to pick up another Rossi Circuit Judge (.45 LC / .410 GA). I believe they are included with the weapons that are about to be outlawed, or should I say “attempt to ban”! I am regretting the failure to purchase some firearms of interest online a few weeks ago. It is unbelievable how the costs have gone up. I would advise everyone to grab what they can, while they can! I am glad that I bought weapons and ammo over the past 18 months. I don’t see this issue going away anytime soon.

  6. I saw the writing on the wall after the election and THANKFULLY had orders in before the Ct shooting. A dozen AR Mags, another case of ammo, parts, etc. Squared away for the moment if in a little more debt than I would like. I even got into my gun shop and bought a stripped AR lower just for fun.

  7. Our local shop seems to be getting a trickle AR’s with a long line of folks ready to buy them. They have a few mags and are making sure folks who spend $1,600 on a rifle at least have a couple. Other than that mags are unobtanium at sane prices. Ammo is going for 60 cents a round (.223) and I’m talking 20 packs of FMJ not fancy stuff.

  8. You guys might think seriously about getting into reloading. It’s NOT hard or dangerous, and although it’s not ordinarily cheaper (unless you’re reloading exotic cartridges like .500 S&W or .416 Rigby), it means you’ll always have ammo when others are scrounging. One of my friends uses spent .22 long rifle brass to swage into jackets for his .223 bullets. Get a cheap, used single stage press and any one of dozens of manuals available at every gunshop or Sportsman’s Warehouse. Pay attention to correct overall length, and weigh every charge, and you’ll be fine…

  9. Yep, this is not at all like 94, It is amazing crazy times

    In 92 when Clinton got elected I resolved to end every year with more ammo than I had at the beginning of the year, and while they were still cheap bought as many magazines as I could, when the ban ended in 2004, I continued to add magazines, as they were cheap, and other than 2009 have steadily increased ammo inventory. You need to do it for the long haul, the gun grabbers and power brokers, don’t back off, we maul them and they back off, then something happens and they come roaring back.

    I told everyone I knew in 2008 O wouldn’t do anything to control guns , but if he got re-elected, there would be hell to pay, well we had 4 years to get ready, no sense crying over it now.

    Hopefully in a month or two it will smooth out At least some), as stores restock, and it is easy when it happens, if you shoot a 100 rounds buy 200, if you shoot 200 buy 400 etc amazing how fast it builds up.

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