1. In school I was easily the shortest male. I wasn’t officially a dwarf but I probably could have passed myself off as one. As such, I got picked on daily. When I got to Junior High I discovered the weight lifting machines that the football team used. The football coach allowed me to use the machine before school. Slowly I started to gain some muscle. I still got picked on but to work out. By the time I got to be a senior in High School I was a “giant” at 4′ 11 and 120 lbs. But I wasn’t picked on because I could bench press 250 lbs and leg press 400+ lbs. I had turned myself into the mini-human gorilla. 30+ years, I’ve grown to “Super Giant” sized 5′ 4″.

  2. Tim Kennedy is a gun control supporter. He wants everyone unarmed and helpless. Using him as an example destroys your credibility. I would suggest not using Anti gun folks as examples to emulate. Unless (like Tim Kennedy) you actually ant people unarmed, helpless, and easy prey.
    An apology to your followers for using TK as an example should be done forthwith.

    • TK is not a gun control supporter. People flipped out about one comment he made ref: age restrictions and semi auto rifles. He’s openly clarified the point he was trying to make.

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