Awesome Seed Bank deal from The Berkey Guy!!

Hello all –

The Berkey Guy just contacted me about a deal I just have to tell you about.

From now  until Friday(May 6th) – every person that purchases an Emergency Seed Bank will also receive a new product – the Herb Seed Bank.  This is an awesome deal as the Herb Seed Bank is a $99 value.

I am a HUGE believer in gardening now for healthy fruits and vegetables as well as learning an essential survival skill for future use in bad times. For those not familiar with Emergency Seed Banks they are an awesome way to store seeds for future use. Should TSHTF – it may not be very easy to just go to the store to buy your seeds.

Here is what you get with the Emergency Seed Bank:

  • 37,000 seeds, 1.4 Lbs of Non-Hybrid seeds, Heirloom Vegetables, sealed in an airtight military grade Seed Vault.
  • These seeds are so hard to find because they are grown by small independent farmers, not huge corporate seed companies.
  • Free shipping!


      Beans, Kentucky Wonder brown Pole ——————– 580 seeds
      Beets, Detroit Dark Red ————————————– 1350 Seeds
      Broccoli, Waltham 29 —————————————– 950 Seeds
      Cabbage, Golden Acre ————————————— 3100 Seeds
      Cantaloupe, Hale’s best Jumbo ————————— 250 Seeds
      Carrot, Scarlet Nantes —————————————- 10330 Seeds
      Corn, Golden Bantam —————————————– 675 Seeds
      Cucumber, Straight 8 —————————————– 460 Seeds
      Onion, Utah Sweet Spanish ——————————— 4200 Seeds
      Pea, Lincoln ——————————————————- 640 Seeds
      Pepper, Yolo Wonder —————————————— 1250 Seeds
      Spinach, Bloomsdale Longstanding ———————- 800 Seeds
      Squash Zucchini, Black Beauty ————————— 130 seeds
      Swiss Chard, Lucullus —————————————– 870 Seeds
      Tomato, Rutgers PS ——————————————– 1750 Seeds
      Parsnip, Harris Model —————————————— 1250 Seeds
      Winter Squash, Waltham Butternut ———————— 260 Seeds
      Winter Squash, Pink Banana Jumbo ——————— 45 Seeds
      Radish, Champion ———————————————- 1420 Seeds
      Lettuce Leaf, Simpson Black Seeded ——————– 3000 Seeds
      Lettuce Romaine, Parris Island Cos ———————- 3000 Seeds
      Pepper, Jalapeno ———————————————— 1500 Seeds
      Watermelon, Crimson Sweet Jumbo ———————- 185 Seeds
      (Seed counts are approximate)

Here is what you get with the Herb Seed Bank:

  • 68,000 seeds, 21 varieties of highest yielding crops, Heirloom Seeds, Sealed in an airtight military grade Seed Vault.
  • These seeds are so hard to find because they are grown by small independent farmers, not huge corporate seed companies.
  • Buy 2 and receive a Free Seed Dial Planter & Packed Earth Seed Starting Pellets
  • Free shipping!


Anise, 3.5g ——————————————————- 4200 seeds
Arugula Slow Bolt , 3.5g ———————————— 1725 Seeds
Basil Italian Large Leaf, 3.5g —————————— 1500 Seeds
Caraway, 5g —————————————————— 1785 Seeds
Chamomile, 1g ————————————————– 10000 Seeds
Cilantro Slow Bolt, 5g —————————————- 500 Seeds
Cress Curled, 5g ———————————————– 1785 Seeds
Dill Bouguet, 5g ————————————————- 2000 Seeds
Fenugreek, 5g ————————————————— 400 Seeds
Garlic Chives, 5g ———————————————– 1000 Seeds
Hyssop, 1g ——————————————————- 1200 Seeds
Leek Large American Flag, 3.5g ————————- 1200 Seeds
Lemon Mint, 1g ————————————————- 1200 seeds
Lemon Balm, 3.5g ———————————————- 7000 Seeds
Oregano Italian, 1g ——————————————— 3800 Seeds
Parsley Italian Flat-Leaf,5g ———————————- 3250 Seeds
Savory Summer, 3.5g —————————————– 2275 Seeds
Sorrel Large Leaf, 3.5g ————————————— 7000 Seeds
Tarragon Russian, 1g —————————————- 1200 Seeds
Thyme Creeping Thyme, 1g ——————————- 3300 Seeds
Buckwheat Organic, 56.7g ——————————— 11400 Seeds
Wheat Hard Red Spring Organic, 56.7g ————— 12500 Seeds
(Seed counts are approximate)

This is a rare opportunity to set some important supplies back for future use.

For more information – please click HERE.

Take care all –



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  1. Hey that is awesome, really. I have already started ordering supplies from EE. Thank you for the info.

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