Awesome resource for free Kindle books……

I was visiting one of my favorite blogs – Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest and saw a bit about a website that highlights FREE Kindle books. The thing that makes this even cooler is most of these books are preparedness related.

The website is called Pam’s Pride Recommendations. I have a Kindle Fire – which I find extremely useful and downloaded for free several books as soon as I visited the site for the first time.  

Thanks Ryan for the tip!!


PS – By the way – you do not have to have a Kindle to download and read free Kindle books. You can download software on your computer which will allow access to many thousands of Kindle books.

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  1. I love Pam’s blog! I try my best to check her blog everyday to see if there is anything new that I would like to add to my Kindle and it never fails that I add at least one new book everyday from her recommendation list.

  2. i just went to pams pride website and downloads some books. there was also one there titled “poverty prepping” it was only $.99 so i got that too. something to read when im waiting for the monthly social security check to hit the bank.
    thanks for the info.

  3. Why can’t I see her recommendations? I see her title talking about enjoy the books but then no listing of books? Am I going blind? 🙂

  4. Rourke- Thanks Rourke. DUH! Should have thought of that myself. I tried it on my wife’s laptop and there it is! Thanks much! 🙂

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