Will America’s Coming Collapse resemble Europe’s Current Crisis?

by Silence Dogood Currently the unraveling of Europe is becoming clear, especially to those that are paying attention. The horrific migrant crisis, the rapes, the tenuous economy, the various financial bubbles all stemming from central bankers and their money printing. Manipulated bond markets, credit markets are creating housing bubbles and have forced much of the … Read more

We Want it all Back, Mr. President Elect

washington white house

We Want it all Back, Mr. President Elect In Plain English Written By Silence Dogood Mr. President Elect… this is a note for you, and there had better NOT be, any waffling on your part now Sir, because “We the People,” definitely want it all back this time. This is our time to take back … Read more

Are the Globalists Winning?


By Silence Dogood Whatever you call them, (for there are many names). Some call it the New World order, the Globalist Agenda, the Military Industrial Complex, The Free Masons the Illuminati, ties with the Vatican, or the many families of Bankers, like the Rothschild, Rockefeller, J P Morgan, Warburg Brothers or any of the corporate … Read more