Arrogance…….by Bret Gould


by Bret Gould


I read lot’s of blogs.   James Wesley Rawles, American Mercenary and Mountain Guerrilla being in the mix.  I am writing in response to the air of invincible arrogance exuded by some of our former military types on the net.  It would seem to many of these types that if you are not a high speed, spec ops,  military acronym slinger like Mountain guerrilla, you are just inadequate.

Let us examine the issue with some real life context.  First off , I have good friends who were and are in the military. I have the utmost respect with those guys.  But they are still human and with that have the vulnerabilities and frailties of mortal form. First let us look back in history.  Some rag tag Americans at Lexington Green seemed to light a fuse and win over the best army in the world, England.  Our farmers fought professional soldiers, something that Mosby and American Mercenary say is impossible, and won.

During WW2 a group of the crack  Blue Devil British Parachute Regiment, was dropped into combat.  They just had the misfortune to land amongst some conscripted German professional Hunters, who happened to bring along their rifles.  Now these hunters were not military trained Waffen SS or anything like that.  Folks they were simply very very good rlfle shots. Oh, like some of the civilians we have around today. The resulting slaughter was something out of a nightmare.  The former pro hunters simply did what they do and the arrogance of the elite para-troops simply did not faze the Germans.  The pro hunters simply shot them all.

Let us move to the Afghans fighting the Russians in the 80’s. The Russians threw everything they had at the Afghans, except nukes, and lost.  The vaunted spetsnaz, elite Russian special forces, maybe even measuring up to American Mercenary or Mosby’s standards, did not prevail and in fact died horribly.  Coincidentally, those boys did not do any better against another guerrilla fighter in Chechnya.  Che chechens seemed to do very very well in anti armor tactics and sniping.  Oh and long range marksmanship is another issue the experts say is not a factor.  Funny Bat Masterson and Billy Dixon seemed to use those tactics quite well at the battle of Adobe Walls, but lets not get any relevant historical facts mixed in here to  confuse our spec ops experts.

Let us examine the debacle called Somalia. Two Delta force snipers drop in, and are killed.  These guys are the best of the best but the events leading up to this illustrate the arrogance of the military “experts.”  We use the same air insertion routes daily . No route changes as advised by Robert Rogers in his treatise on ranger tactics.  Maybe the rangers should have re-read that book.  We used million dollar satellite phone technology while the Somali’s would simply burn a tire to delineate the combat area.  The Rangers will make every excuse in the book, the overwhelming kill ratio etc., but the Somalis still won. A rag tag bunch of illiterate people who rode around with machine guns in the back of Toyota trucks beat the world’s finest special forces.  Yet we are to believe that if it every happened here we are just doomed.

My purpose in writing about this arrogance is not to degenerate or tarnish the military forces that serve us. It is to highlight that, in the upcoming fight, WE, as simple Americans can prevail against our enemies whomever they maybe.  Many of the people today simply have a defeatist attitude  that if, god forbid, elements of the U.S. military turn on us all is lost.   We as Americans, have that frontier spirit and a will to fight unmatched.  When we finally decide to fight, we take it to the enemy.  Our country is now very heavily armed, by any account, due to the politics and tyranny of the day.  Do not let some Internet bloggers dissuade you from defending your home and hearth.  Even though the experts have no faith in the American people, I have a feeling that a few native Cajun Deer hunters will give the bad guys a run for their money. We did in 1812, standing with a few pirates like Jean Lafitte and a real leader like Andrew Jackson.

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25 thoughts on “Arrogance…….by Bret Gould”

  1. Good write Bret. In fact, all the comments have sound merit. I have been referred to as arrogant, when really, I was trying to get a point across or get the firm attention of the reader. I learned from these “high speed” guys that arrogance is confidence and confidence breeds “warrior spirit”. And all those wonderful heroic references, refer to warrior spirit. I know my place in that pecking order and it is no where near the top! However, all of us with this common thread have experiences and knowledge of what works and doesn’t. What we write and comment on in this global media is the same thing that happened every time America was faced with enemies, domestic and foreign. Keep sharing, all of you. I, personally, want to hear more from our warrior sisters out there!
    greg SWT S/F


  3. I read multiple blogs and alternate news sites on a daily basis (including this one). I have never ever wrote or commented on any of them until now. You brought up something that I had to comment on. Before I begin I must caveat that I do not personally know Rawles, John Mosby or American Merc, Lizard Farmer etc etc, et. al. Now that that is out of the way, I will freely admit that I have myself been accused of being an acronym slinging, high-speed-low-drag, chest humping know-it-all. I am former and current military; since 21 years of age I have been in the military community and there are some characteristics that have become a part of me. I think to fully understand people like Mosby, Rawles or myself, people first have to understand how our minds have been warped(for lack of a better term) by the military. I know from reading Mosby’s site that a lot of what he says is designed to piss people off and have them say exactly what you just said, “My purpose in writing about this arrogance is not to degenerate or tarnish the military forces that serve us. It is to highlight that, in the upcoming fight, WE, as simple Americans can prevail against our enemies whomever they maybe.” When I first joined the military years and years ago I soon came to realize that no matter how hard I tried or how good I did at something, there was always some loud-mouth a-hole senior NCO telling me I should have done better. So what happened? It pissed me off and made me try harder, cussing him under my breath the whole time. I now know that deep down I did a good job (at whatever it was I was doing) and that a-hole NCO knew it too. As soldiers we we train to do one thing and one thing only regardless of our job specialty; win wars! Regardless if you are are infantry, artillery, special forces or a counterintelligence agent, at the end of the day your are a soldier and you have one job to do; defeat the enemy at all costs and go home! Now, the point at hand. I have been told to my face that I am an arrogant prick and I look down on anyone that does not have military training. That statement is the farthest thing from the truth possible. Do I think different of people who have not had training? Yes, I do, but not in an “I am better than you” sort of way. I can speak only for myself and fellows like me but here is the way we tend to see the world: We ARE soldiers, our job and purpose in life, our whole existance, is to protect you! You who have not signed your life away to do a job that few want to do but we choose freely as a first “calling”. You who have not been beated half to death in training exercise after training exercise, weapon drill after weapon drill. When the “S” is hitting the fan, we do not want to see you die, our job is to prevent that and, if need be, die ourselves to prevent that. I personally feel that if a civilian, or what we would call a “non-combatant” dies before I do then I have failed, particularly if it is one of our own country men/women in a SHTF scenario. I fully undertand that in a situation like this there will be NO non-combatants. However, if our over arching, over bearing, overprotecting nature is viewed as pure arrogance, so be it. I know my history and fully understand that the revolution was fought by famers and that Special Forces types have died just as readily as anyone else, but it will not change the fact that I will be the first one to jump in front of incoming fire to protect those I feel are less trained than myself. If that offends you I am sorry.

  4. Thanks for posting this. At times in the past while reading some of the other blogs I felt totaly overwhelmed because I didn’t have combat experiance. I thought that all of the preps that I had made would be for nothing. Slowly I have come to the realization that even though I don’t have combat experiance (prior military, but no combat) I am still ahead of most people with my preps just knowing that I have thought of different scenario’s and way’s to protect our little piece of paradise!

  5. Dee I think a point was missed someplace. Let me start by saying your career sounds awfully familiar. I started at 17 and lasted to 30 and worked as a contractor then federale and still am. I say this so you understand I am not an internet ranger or nay-saying you… I agree with you both. My read on Bret’s statement was more to the side of the common folk can and will stand up to whomever tries to run over us. I missed anything that implied a general arrogance by the US Armed Forces toward the American people. I tried Ranger twice and failed both times… such is life. I can tell you when I was young, dumb, and full of- myself I WAS ARROGANT. That arrogance led to me doing exactly what YOU did… and sometimes going a bit too far sometimes. From the distance of experience, pushing myself TOO hard is what kept that Ranger tab off my shoulder. I can also say I and others did look down our proverbial noses at the lessor folk, the common citizens around us – fat, dumb, and complacent. Back in the 70’s and 80’s THEY sneered at US for being unable to “make it in the real world.” You know what NCO stands for… “No Chance Outside.” Today I share with Bret a fear of what actually will happen if and when the US Military violates Posse Comitatus and is deployed to enforce order on the streets. Bayonets on the streets is never a good idea even when it the Hobson’s Choice. Yamamoto’s quote before the Japanese Imperial General Staff still holds true, he refused to countenance invading the United States, a country he showed a great love and respect for in his writing- a love second only to his warrior’s love on country. As he warned “there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” The old Soviet General Staff took that fact in to consideration in their war plans 30-40 years later… now available from KGB Archives sold by unpaid workers back in the 90s. Our army showed the same resilience Yamatoto warned of in Korea when 1 or 2 Americans stood their ground in the first months of the war on bridges, hill tops and crossroads all over South Korea. The little markers for the Pvt Smiths standing off a N Korean column with a Browning machine gun, Bazooka, and hand grenades for over two hours are all over the country. Bret’s point came home to me I saw a frightening trend in Katrina… part of me railed at military and police in the streets forcing people out of their homes and confiscating firearms. Another part of me railed at the thought of Officers and NCOs disobeying orders. I WAS one of those A-hole Senior NCOs by the end of my career. Both set off ripples in my psyche… disobey one order no matter how bad and it’s a crack in the foundation of leadership… which order’s next? How will Pvt Smedley see it? Will he decide the order to advance under the cover of artillery fire is a bad idea? In the end you’re both right. Warriors NEED arrogance. It IS what gives them an edge… but soldiers use it too and use it the wrong way. Those are the ones I think Bret is talking about That’s the difference.

  6. I tend to agree with Dee on this one. Perhaps there is an element of arrogance, but seeing on a very personal level individuals deal with being exposed to combat and death, I tend to chalk that up to a coping mechanism. There are arrogant douchebags, but I have read all of the mentioned blogs for quite some time and have found them very informative. Perhaps we might win another revolution, but the bloodshed would be horrific this time around. Make no mistake, it would bleed my generation dry; and the victory would be a Pyrrhic one. On a side note, those two snipers you speak of won the Medal of Honor for volunteering to extract the crewmen from the downed helicopter. You are correct, at some point training doesn’t matter. However, those two guys killed 50+ Somalis and ran out of ammunition before being killed. You cannot win a war that way. You can win battles, but those casualties will absolutely sap the will to fight. My personal belief is to take what is valuable information, regardless of how it is delivered. Many of those guys have presented excellent information on ambush tactics and valuable insight many would not have otherwise. It’s like Nick Saban. You might hate him (ND fan here), but his insights into college football are worth reading. Always remember, we have a common enemy here…point your guns in THAT direction.

  7. Thank You for the vote Sir. The odds would not be long one in a stand up affair. I’ll just refuse to accept one. Like a hunter though…. Observe.. detect.. engage or evade. Work alone… share nothing… shut up.

    Ack! Shudder the thought!!!

  8. in Mosby’s defense, he INSISTS on long range accuracy as well as short range effective fire. yeah, he makes it seem hopeless for the average joe, even myself-a 29 year vet retiree. Insugency is a young man’s game, face it. young and physically fit as hell. I did it at 18-28 and it kicked my ass the whole time. finally i had to give in and take a support role. thats what we do, get used to it, get ready for it. Yeah, the local hunters, militia, mutual assistance group can all be highly useful, but the real gunslinging has to be young hardbodies. problem is i don’t think theres enough of them to go around. so do we give in? HELL NO!

  9. In Vietnam the US kept winning battles but lost the war, some of the loss can be attributed to our politicians, but our tactyics did not help against an enemy who generally used hit and run tecniques. In 1982 I re-entered the military and went ino a tow weapon system unit and we were taught there was other ways to destroy enemy armor and anti aircraft artillery besides the missle system. A survey done many years ago asked some military troops if the would confiscate weapons from civilians and if they did not would they shoot them to get those weapons, 26 per cent said yes to both questions. I do not know if that ratio has changed or not but will use is a standard. I also agrre with Dee on his column and thank him for his service to our country and its people.

  10. Sounds like a few military guys got a little testy hunh. And if you are in the military and fighting in the US the only thing you are is a target. when the time comes you better choose your side because if you are still fighting for uncle sam then you will get to see what farmers can do. I served my time and have 0 combat experince and have 0 combat training. But I am a homesteader and a hunter and if the fight comes to my comunity I know my area a whole lot better than the enemy.

  11. I think the post should have been named ‘Arogance leads to ignorance” then if they still took offence we would know which one the were.

  12. First, let me state that, of the authors listed, I am only familiar with John Wesley Rawles. He did not come off to me as being arrogant. James Yeager from Tactical Response strikes me as being somewhat above the rest of the crowd. He also appears to know his tactics and equipment, so I overlook his attitude. Arrogance is a personal characteristic. It is not reserved for the military. The military does make maximum use of pride to motivate their people and build esprit de corps. A sense of superiority is particularly stressed within the Airborne community of the Army (Delta Force, Green Berets, Rangers, 82ND Airborne, etc). In the end, each individual determines his own attitude. For me, I never adopted the belief that I was better than the soldiers that chose a different career path. Knowing that my job was more difficult than most was enough to sustain my efforts.
    I won’t argue all the historical examples of Mr. Gould’s article. I would point out that our militia had limited success as “rag tag Americans”. It was not until they had some military training from Washinton, Von Steuben, Lafayette and the likes, that they started winning significant battles. I would not use the deaths of MSG Gary Gordon or SFC Randy Shughart as evidence of untrained civilians defeating elite soldiers. I don’t believe these 2 heroes asked to be inserted by CW4 Mike Durrant’s downed Blackhawk because they were arrogant, either. I think that they realized no two humans could survive the attack of the hundreds of armed Somali militiamen, but went in anyhow. Esprit de corps, HELL YEAH! Arrogance, NO WAY!
    Again, I don’t know what American Mercenary or Mountain Guerrilla said. I suspect that they made statements that degraded the capabilities of preppers without military experience, or that Patriots don’t stand a chance against the military or similar theme. Here is my take on Martial Law: The military is NOT big enough to secure every city, town or village in the United States. I believe that any Martial Law attempt will be limited in scope to specific areas that provide resources, commodities or services valuable to the government. The government will move/relocate people to support their plans. There are certainly not enough FEMA camps to hold the American people captive. As far as conflict between the military and the citizens of the United States goes, I think that the government will crush the forces that oppose their move to take over specific areas. Although we have millions of guns and billions of bullets, anti-armor or anti-aircraft weapons are not available in sufficient quantities to repel major military assaults. The areas outside those zones would be controlled by whoever has the most guns and is the most organized. There may be criminal elements that own certain locations. There will be areas controlled by preppers/patriots, too. DHS purchase of armored vehicles and billions of rounds of ammunition is certainly not a good omen. The movement to disarm the people is a real bad sign as well. Obama is a Globalist, meaning that he is not against inviting the UN or the Chinese into our country to support his Socialistic agenda. I hope and pray these events never materialize. I think it would be naive to ignore the evidence that something big is in the works. I predict a strong effort to take away our guns, then something that triggers economic collapse. There will be social rest on an unprecedented scale. The “sheeple” will welcome Martial Law under the guise of security and protection.
    If I am wrong about the theme of this article, I apologize. I just don’t want fellow survivalists to read the historical examples cited and get the idea that untrained, unorganized civilians will defeat a modern military force ALONE. In most cases that I can recall, the revolutionary forces had support from and outside country or entity. For example, France contributed significantly to our War Of Independence, just as we are secretly supporting the Syrian resistance now. God forbid, if Martial Law is declared here, and the people are fighting against the government, I cannot think of any power that will aid American patriots.

  13. Do you really think amercas millitary could defeat americans in a civil war. You are sadly mistaken. If you think you will have more than half a military after it deserts you are crazy. And the half that don’t desert will wish they had.

  14. I am not nor ever have been in the military. My brother has been and is currently active military. He in the beginning was in Air Assault in the U.S. Army. When he came home on leave one year he was cock sure of himself and full of “confidence” acting like he was invincible; that being said he thought that gave him the right to talk shit to me and talk down to me. Needless to say things came to a head between he and I we exchanged words and he reminded me that he was a “trained killer” and tried to get physical with me; push came to shove and I’m not proud to say this, but I simply handed him his own ass on a platter in very short order. I’m not proud of this fact and I love and respect my brother for doing what he does to defend this country. The point I’m trying to make is that this country is full of men and women some better fighters than me that are civilians. We are Americans and we can do whatever we need to do to defend our hearths, homes, and loved ones…anyone who messes with that will get a fight to the bitter end whether they be a foreign military or our own military. I have no illusions that our military could put a serious hurt on the populace if they were ever unleashed upon this country…but I seriously don’t think that it would ever come to that. These men and women that make up our military are from “we the people” and they would in many cases rather shoot themselves rather than follow an order to shoot us. I also know that there are civilians amongst us that could throw down with some of the best in the military, if it came to it. Call it what you want “confidence”, “arrogance”, or “elitist” some of these people have put their asses on the line to defend this country; they know military tactics and doctrine and they have for the most part won almost every battle they’ve been put in and they have earned our respect….I said it RESPECT. I would not want to throw down against these men if I had the choice but in the event that I didn’t have a choice, I would defend myself and my family with a ferocity that would rival any of them. We are decended from men and women who threw caution in to the wind to come here. They lived hard lives and adapted to life in a hard land and they persevered. They were patriots, they were fearless, they were Americans and they are alive in “all” of us. We are a people not to be trifled with by any aggressor!

  15. First off Dee, I thank you for your service. Let me lay out my credentials. I am a 28 yr law enforcement veteran with time in several states. I have been a practicing combat martial arts for 38 yrs. I say combat martial artist as I dont do Brazilian Jujitsu, MMA, Tae Kwon do or any sport. I practice combat arts. I have been a law enforcement firearms instructor for 14 yrs. And now I will step off into it. I know many other civilian firearms instructors who have trained people incoming to get ready for police academies. The military shooters, without fail have always been the worst shots with a handgun in the classes, and have generally needed remedial training. Remember I have worked in several states in different parts of the country and have cross checked this fact with many civilian firearms instructors. I have also practiced with the military veterans in hand to hand combat class, /Again there training there was not up to par. I got tired of hearing Am Merc and Mosby always downing us civilians when , quite frankly, what I see in training from the military is sub standard. also the native cajun hunters, in my area, quite successfully stalk and kill their prey without having been in the military And I have been beaten to a pulp, ran 5 miles up an Arizona mountain to do pt at the top. Been gassed and had to shoot a course and the like. Mosby is over there doing good training, Kudos to him. But remember the Afghans aren’t spec ops trained and they kill us quite well as did the somalis. And remember we eat alot better , have better guns and shoot a whole lot better than the average military guy. the american people, us civilians, should not be underestimated.

  16. Irish, if those facts you mention are true, then why are we, the USA not crushing the Afghan tribesmen liked the Russians tried, and everyone else tried? We have used everything from B-52’s on down and yet THEY control the countryside and we control only the bases. I understand your pride in the arguement but your facts don’t back it up. WE have not crushed anyone in a very long time and the more current examples show that we are not doing it very well. Your statement on govt resources being limited is accurate.I was planned before Y2K that just to control the perimeter of Los Angeles, it would take every national guardsman in america. And that is just outer perimeter, not contolling the inhabitants. also look at our Hurricane Katrina. 17 out of state agencies and all in state agencies and all of our Armed forces and feds deployed on that little pin prick called New Orleans. and they did not contain it well, I was there. So you are telling me that the might of the USA, who can’t control a bunch of Afghan hill savages is going to subjugate a country of 330 million? Sorry but the current evidence doesn’t support your theory.

  17. Excellent discussion, and it all brings up a question, a rather often asked question…… how would the military respond to orders from above to act militarily against a substantial and wide spread insurrection. Likely an impossible question to answer without delving into a mind numbing array of variables. Obviously if the rebels were the KKK, or the New Black Panthers the military would feel justified in following their orders and squashing the uprising. But if it were something along the lines of an Arab Spring event. Say an “American fall” brought on by hyperinflation, drought induced grocery store shelves being bare or our countries quick and unmistakable turn towards a dystopia brought on by Fedgov overreach. What would the military do? How many would refuse?

  18. Bret this time you’re missing something. Sorry Bro- the US Armed Forces HAVE crushed enemies very successfully. Germany, Japan, N Korea, N Vietnam (yes we actually won that one – IN THE FIELD), Panama, Grenada, Iraq twice and in Afghanistan in between. The problem came AFTER they enemies were defeated… we did not have the political will to defeat a very different kind of war and we never have. Need I say Somalia? In General Giap’s own memoir he admitted we WON in the south after the Tet Offensive- we killed off 80% of the Viet Cong cadre and more than a few N Vietnamese. He went on to say after 1968 over 90% of attacks in the south were carried out by NVA forces. It just LOOKED like we were losing on TV and that drove support down and us to pull out. We didn’t have the societal moral drive to fight anymore let alone win. Short of the world ganging up on us no convention or nuclear armed enemy can stand against us right now…
    Now a bunch of guys willing to do whatever it takes to kill a couple GIs and get a ticket to heaven is a whole different story. It takes a level of violence we haven’t shown or used since Custer went down and the US POLICY was “The only good Indian is a dead Indian. We do not have the societal morals to use that level of brutality right now. Could we- sure, but it would take the most hideous acts to drive us to it. This is also the reason the Gun Grabbers cannot win in the end- it would take a very similar level of societal morals to drive enough American soldiers and law officers to do what would be necessary to disarm their fellow citizens and kill those who resisted. It’s also why all the security, police, sensors, drones, etc we can produce CAN NOT STOP a kid, terrorist, or madman from killing a president, bus load of school kids, or the guys who fired him… if you’re willing to die to do it and go solo…
    The problem becomes two fold at that point. On one side you, me, and every gun owner would be on the street ourselves dealing with those carrying out such a horrible act because it would have to be HUGE and we could fight back. If it did happen and somehow we all got blamed for it or for making it worse and soldiers turned out to help the police disarm people… then I’m afraid of the firefights within those units. The end results WOULD be even more horrible as those of our very Un-civil war.
    One last thing and I’ll shut up. Please be careful about the word arrogance. Nowadays it’s usually considered to be pejorative and negative. As one of those A-hole Senior NCOs I can tell you it not only has a place in training people from all walks of life to be better, once honed by experience it can turn you into a true professional. I know this sounds idiotic… but how many of you cheer your favorite tight-end or quarterback when he rubs the other guy’s nose in a a grid-iron defeat?

  19. I am writing in response to the air of invincible arrogance exuded by some of our former military types on the net. It would seem to many of these types that if you are not a high speed, spec ops, military acronym slinger like Mountain guerrilla, you are just inadequate.

    How can so many former military folks get on here and flap that yap about something other than the point. Bret clearly starts out by say SOME not ALL.

    It would seem to many of these types that if you are not a high speed, spec ops, military acronym slinger like Mountain guerrilla, you are just inadequate. MANY here NOT all.

    Our farmers fought professional soldiers, something that Mosby and American Mercenary say is impossible, and won. Mosby here not the rest of you.

    Two Delta force snipers drop in, and are killed. These guys are the best of the best but the events leading up to this illustrate the arrogance of the military “experts.” In this sentence we are talking about the EXPERTS not the two snipers.

    My purpose in writing about this arrogance is not to degenerate or tarnish the military forces that serve us. It is to highlight that, in the upcoming fight, WE, as simple Americans can prevail against our enemies whomever they maybe. This means military or not you come after our life and liberty we will defeat you and obamas pet monkeys

    So after that little reading comprehension lesson all I can say is Military or not CHOOSE YOUR SIDE!!!

  20. Ole Wolf, do we own Korea? No. do We own Vietnam? No. do we own or have kept any of those places after Korea? No. And We dont control Afghanistan, right now in any sense of the word. And even if giap stated we won every battle, WE LOST THE WAR. All of those American lives wasted for Bankers wars to quote Gen. Smedley butler.

  21. as a pass member of 101 st and 75th rangers and viet nam i would not give a thought of taking out what or who ever would try to harm my family. if i learned anything is always be ready, no one who works for the gov would i ever trust,learned that in the army,

  22. I don’t want to drag this out, Bret. It seems to me that your opinion of our military is already set. To answer your question, there have been political decisions that adversely affected the completion of almost every military mission that you cited. Going back to Vietnam, the military was restrained from obliterating their opponents. Commanders were routinely denied permission to go after NVA and VC safe havens in Laos and Cambodia. It is no different now. The Iraq War was extended unnecessarily by the blunders of 2 civilians: Rumsfeld for using a force too small to secure the country after the Iraqi Army fell and Bremmer for sending all those defeated Iraqi troops home with no purpose. The US military had more success in taking over Afghanistan in 2 months than the Russians did in 10 years. But, again, the operation to completely wipe out the Taliban was trumped by the next war in Iraq. We also failed to invest in building roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure there. After we left Iraq, GEN McCrystal asked for 40,000 troops for a renewed effort to crush the Taliban. Obama waited several months, then agreed to 30,000 additional soldiers. Now, Obama told the enemy when we’re pulling out. Our forces are putting more effort into transitioning the war to the Afghan Army than they are attacking the Taliban. These were political decisions, not military ineptitude. I did NOT say that the military was capable of subjugating the country. Quite the opposite, I stated that the military was NOT big enough to control every city, town or village in the United States. I believe that under Martial Law the government will control the areas that they want and that they would crush any opposition in those zones. The government being the alphabet soup agencies, plus whatever military follows Barry. I think that many Patriots and Preppers are picturing Martial Law as the Red Dawn scenario, where all the people are fighting against the occupying force. It won’t be that way. If we reach a point where Martial Law is enacted, rioting and looting will be rampant. Many folks will welcome the government forces for protection, or to solicit handouts of MREs, water and other necessities. November’s election proves that.


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