Arlene on current Avian Flu situation

where most antibiotics go…


Recently the Dept. of Agriculture stated that 41.1 MILLION chickens have been wiped out in the midwest and

7.5 Million turkeys have died or been killed. This is all due to the avian virus H5N2. Eastern states are preparing for this epidemic. No birds are allowed at State or county fairs this summer/fall as a precaution to slow down this virus.

The Turkey federation has stated that there are enough frozen turkeys for Thanksgiving this coming Fall but after that there may be shortages.

Many of you may have already noticed that egg prices are up. I would advise stocking up on chicken and turkey now -fresh, frozen and canned. Emergency Essentials and Legacy Foods and other companies sell dehydrated and freeze dried scrambled eggs.

Cartons of eggs will last if refrigerated for quite a long while so if you use a lot of them you may wish to buy them while they are still at a decent price.

People who have a small flock of chickens may be fortunate enough to avoid  contracting the avian flu. However if you do have sick birds please call your local extension service or your vet as this can spread far and wide and they will know if the Avian Flu has affected your area.



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  1. Good advice. Thank you for the information Arlene and Rourke. I will take heed to your advice on freezing extra.

  2. Commercial eggs have had there bloom washed off, you can give them a light coat of mineral oil, place them back in to carton and store them at room temp, lower temp is preferred. I use room temp. Will last at least 9 months. oh yeah, after coating your eggs store them pointed end down.

  3. Arlene – Thank you for the Update, keep us posted as situ continues to develop, now you got me thinking about raising my own. .

  4. Thank you Arlene.

    Good point Badger359 – everyone should know about storing eggs, also how to determine if an egg has gone bad – without cracking it open.

    The problem with small flocks is interaction with the world, mainly in the form of other birds. Anything that causes problems with such a highly mobile population (birds, humans traveling by airplanes, etc) has the potential toward havoc.


  5. Great point PR, s on that note if the floats, throw it out. A fresh egg will go to the bottom on there side, older eggs may rest on one end. But if it floats forget it.

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