Arizona wildfires effect many

The Arizona wildfires – as of this writing (Sunday) – are incredibly destructive and threatening to do much more damage. Over the past 15 days these fires are destroyed in excess of 400,000 acres. Flames in areas are reaching 100 feet tall.

There are a couple aspects of this unfortunate event I want to touch on.

First – reader and sponsor Dart who works with eFoods Global sent me some pictures that are both amazing and terrifying at the same time. Flames are encroaching on his property – and reports that firefighters are doing an incredible job. He has high hopes that a fire-line will be placed in the area to prevent the fires from spreading.

These pictures were taken about 3 miles from his home:

I pray that these fire will get under control……quickly.

The second aspect of these fires that I have been thinking about has to do with the ability to evcuate – or “bug out” – in short order. Admidingly – I am not the best prepared in this area. Many of the folks effected by these fires are in “pre-evac” mode and must be ready to leave their homes quickly. Although I have been working on organizing my supplies to facilitate heading-out if need be – more work is needed.

My plans primarily emphasize staying at home in a disaster situation. This is my primary plan – and where emphasis has been made. “Bugging out” is becoming more and moe relavant in my mind all depending upon the nature of the event.

Again – I hope these fires

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8 thoughts on “Arizona wildfires effect many”

  1. There are never enough fire engines to put one engine per house for protection on anything other than the smallest incident. We all know that we need to keep the area around the house clear of “ladder” fuels which will carry fire up to the treetops and keep flamable items away from the buildings. But there is so much more to evaluating which home is protected and which isn’t. Unfortunately, for those who want to keep their homes invisible from the road, this may be the exact reasons why your home will not be protected.

    What is the road like to your house? It’s not just getting an engine down your road or down the driveway but is there turn around space? Is the road more than one vehicle wide? How steep is the road or even the driveway?

    Are trees overhanging your house? Do you have a wood deck surrounding your house? What’s the roof made of? Are brush and plants growing near the house?

    What’s the topography of the area? Are you in an area where a fire can come roaring up a chimney? Are you in a box canyon? What’s the slope? Are the winds going to be erratic or will the heat be overwhelming due to your location? Do you have a water source that the engine can use?

    Remember, the firefighters are going to put their safety first. It’s more important than your property.

    You know me…I could go on and on and on…

  2. My prayers are with them also. It is crazy how your plans can change because of something this big. I hope that they can get things under control down there. They have not had much rain in the past month so everything is so dry and just waiting to go up.

  3. Sounds like this could be a potential life lesson senaro for your ohana brother. We are adjusting our EAP (Emergency Action Plan) as well. Keep us posted

  4. Check out near where I live …….Slave Lake , Alberta , Canada.

    The meat filled freezers were one of the first problems to be taken care of. A person should have 2 kinds of BoB’s …….. one for Survival and one for something like this. Perhaps documents , photo’s , passports , keepsakes or whatever you couldn’t live without without our entire world or ones Country going to hell and a handbasket. How ironic….my buddy is fighting fires up here and texted me while I was writing….weird….. he says we are nearing 1 million acres ablaze!!!!!!!

    Peace out and thanks Rourke!


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