Are you Paranoid?

By The Coach, Contributing Editor


Every now and then people think I am a little paranoid about big brother watching us. That is why I started researching about covert cell phone towers. The more I research, the more I do not feel so paranoid.

Recently I have written two articles in reference to the U.S. Government using unorthodox methods to ease drop on law abiding American citizens. The articles are titled “Unlimited Access to Communications of Every American” and “Are you under Electronic Surveillance?” Both articles were recently published by M.S.O. There were a lot of comments about both of the above mentioned articles. I decided to do a little further research on the topic. It is amazing what you can learn with a little research.

In an article titled, “Congress demands answers on feds’ cellphone tracking by simulator towers.” (See Reference article # 1) it states that “the Justice Department is targeting criminal suspects using the devices. These devices mimic cellphone towers and can also snag information and general phone locations of innocent Americans.”

The Senate Judiciary Committee wants question answered about those cell site simulators being used and the capture potential information other than the specific information listed in the paperwork obtained from the courts. These cell simulators capture all the electronic communications from all cell phone type devices in the area that the cover.

However, there are certain “Exemptions” that the F.B.I. and other Law Enforcement agencies DO NOT need to get a courts permission to use these Cell Site Simulators. Those exemptions include when there is an “imminent public safety danger, cases that involve a fugitive, and cases where technology is being used in public places or areas the agency determines there’s no “reasonable” expectation of privacy.”

I did a little more research and found that a local CBS affiliate in New Orleans, WWL-TV, did a story on their evening news titled, “Cell phone towers installed illegally in French Quarter”. (See reference # 2)

In that article it states that “Mini cell phone towers disguised as stop signs, see below photo, are illegally appearing in and around the French Quarter.” of New Orleans.


(Photo by WWL-TV)

These mini-cell towers look like lamp posts or stop signs. So how are these mini-cell towers “Illegally” being installed? It seems that the owner/installer, “Crown Castle”, did not go in front of the New Orleans City council to get their permission and permits to install them.

“Crown Castle” wants to install 36 of these camouflaged mini-cell towers around the down town district of New Orleans.

A better question is why are these cell phone towers being installed? The New Orleans French Quarter is within a couple of block on the Mississippi River. All along the Mississippi River are installed very tall and powerful cell phone towers.

On 1/2/15, I e-mailed the reporter that did the above story on WWL-TV, Ms. Tania Dall. In that e-mail I asked Ms. Dall if there was any further information on “Crown Castle” obtaining the necessary permits and council resolutions to install their towers?  As of the time this article was sent to MSO for publication, she had not answered my e-mail.

I then checked the “Crown Castle” web site, (See Reference # 4)

It states that their mini-cell phone towers “are often inconspicuously installed on existing right-of-way infrastructure like street signs, telephone poles, or streetlights. They can also be used to increase voice and data capacity indoors or at places where large groups of people congregate, like stadiums, theme parks, or universities.”

“Crown Castle” states that they even install these mini-cell phone towers in neighborhoods. Have you noticed any of these mini-cell phone towers in your neighborhood? Would you even know what to look for? Check out these “Crown Castle” mini-cell phone tower pictures provided on their web site. I will bet you will start looking at telephone and street light pole a litter closer.

It seems like “Crown Castle” has covert mini-cell towers all over the United States. The below “Crown Castle” photographs are of covert cell towers and the towns they are located in.


The below photos were copied from the “Crown Castle” web site.


(In Los Angeles, CA)

(Check the very top of the light pole)

c-3(In New York City)


(In Philadelphia, Penn.)


(In San Diego, CA.)

(Check the very top of the light pole)

            During my daily errands around town, I started to notice some “Unusual/ Camouflaged” cell phone towers.

The first unusual cell tower that I notice was a flag pole in the middle of a residential neighborhood, (see below photo).


Photo taken by The Coach


The second unusual cell tower that I noticed was also in a residential neighborhood. The cell tower is camouflaged as a bare tree, (see below photo). The entire center pole of the tree cell phone tower is camouflaged with a tree bark type material. This cell tower was especially unusual because it was located less that 1 block from a standard cell phone tower. (See the red arrow in below photo)

Referencing the tree cell phone tower photo below, on each and every one of the branch tips on the tree cell tower is a small antenna. There must be a couple hundred of these small antennas.


Photo taken by The Coach

Then I noticed a sign on the entry gate to the tree cell tower. The sign says “WWW.CrownCastle.Com” (see Red Arrow on below photo). What a coincidence!


Photo taken by The Coach

Nowhere in any of the articles that I read or even on “Crown Castle’s” web site does it say who is paying for the equipment or installation and maintenance cost.

In addition, it says on “Crown Castle’s” web site that multiple cell phone carriers can use these mini-cell towers.

Would “Crown Castle” incur these expenditures for just the hope that some company would rent their camouflaged and/or mini-cell towers? Or does it sound more plausible that this is some type of covert government monitoring project?

We know that the N.S.A. monitors all electronic communications in the United States. Is this a way for them and the Justice Department to monitor those communications without having to go through the cell phone companies?

Why would a company spend all of that money to put up these mini-cell towers without the proper documentation and permission from a city they plan to install them in? What if the city says, NO! The company would be out a lot of money! The more you think about it, the more it sounds like a covert government project. Something does not pass the smell test!

In another article titled, “Smart grid powers up privacy worries”, (See Reference # 3), it states that “the new electric company “Smart” online power meters are tracking energy use.”  There have been 38 million of these new, Smart Meters” installed all over the United States. These new “Smart Meters” obtain information about how much electricity you use and automatically sends thee accumulated information to the electric company.

The information that is sent to the electric companies includes but not limited to, “The number of people inside a house. Daily routines. Degree of religious observance. Household appliance usage. Even, according to two German hackers, what’s on the television, given a fast enough meter refresh rate.” The electric companies plan of SELLING your accumulated data to anyone who wants to pay for it. This could also be the government.

Most Americans are aware that the new “Smart Meters” automatically sends their electric usage to the electric company but now all of the other data that is acquired is sent to them also.

There are currently NO laws or government regulations in reference to the use of the acquired data from these “Smart Meters”.

I then went outside of my residence to determine what type of electric meter was installed on my residence. To my surprise I viewed the new computer “Smart Meter” was installed. (See photo)



Photo taken by The Coach


If you still do not believe that the government is abusing this new technology, check out, “Stingray phone tracker”. This is a cellular phone surveillance device that even the local police use.



“The unity of freedom has never relied on uniformity of opinion”.

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

Thirty-fifth President of the USA


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15 thoughts on “Are you Paranoid?”

  1. Choose to live in a big city? Well then you choose to live under increasing numbers of laws and regulations. This is the way it always has been and the way it will always be. In Texas, cities and not counties have the ability to pass ordinances. In Texas city dwellers are always more regulated than those living outside city limits. Want to guess whose property and sales taxes are highest? We don’t even have cell service where I live. The county is so poor that the roads don’t get plowed in the winter. This is the way of a small lean government – just what I like. We all make choices and those choices have consequences. There is always moon bounce and meteor scatter for your communications needs.


  2. To Pandhandle Rancher

    I would love to move to a rural homestead.
    However, I am retired and on a fixed income and just can not afford it.

    To all:
    Is it just me or does the name “Crown Castle” sound like some dark super top secret government operation?

  3. wow. . . . . here in Greenville,SC I have seen a few things, but now I will really be looking. . . . . but none of this is as important as the color of the dress. . . . . or who wins at Indy, or who wins the world series or the stupor bowl. . . .

  4. YEP, I agree with PR. Researching options to get out of the DFW metroplex. In a martial law scenario, Big brother with probably isolate big cities and any metroplex like a Roman army building a siege wall around a city like Jerusalem and Alisia

  5. PR and Badger, I agree but I’m in the same boat as Coach being on a fixed income but I thank God that I moved to a somewhat rural area surrounded with state forest.

  6. Crown castle is a publicly traded corp, I know people who work there, they’re no spooks. The stuff in the French quarter is a “DAS” system. They are common in areas with high short term population, football stadiums and bourbon street to name two. Google “crown castle DAS french quarter”, there are YouTube videos explaining it.
    That fake tree is just that, a pitiful excuse for a disguised cell tower. Whoever built it went cheap. Check out to see the good stuff. The reason for the disguised towers? Zoning.
    Only way to avoid being spied on thru your phone is to not have one, even if it’s powered off. People complain about their cell service, this is the result.

  7. SHHHHHH – I bought into CCI at $67 per share and it is now flirting with $90. Can’t a guy make an honest buck in the market anymore?

  8. Rourke – you need to get out from behind that desk more often.

    CCI is the abbreviation for Crown Castle International on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

    CCI Ammunition is a division of Alliant Techsystems which trades on the NYSE as ATK.

    Coach – to me Crown Castle either sounds like a mid-west burger franchise (White Castle) is trying to compete with the Golden Arches on a new super burger or a new blend of scotch whiskey. Although, now that I think about it, “CROWN” is permanently assigned to USAF Air Combat Command for their code designators and “CROWN HELO” was a US Navy R&D project some years back. To paraphrase Forest, Spooky is as Spooky does.

  9. Badger359,
    There’s always Plano, the town advertised as having the highest per capita ownership of AR15s in the country. There’s also a reason Bachman Guns makes a lot of Barrett sales to the Highland Park crowd as well.

  10. No…your not paranoid, your aware. Just don’t let it make you paranoid or make you crazy. Google Stingray and cell towers

    The FBI Admits It Uses Fake Cell Phone Towers to Track You

    This is why I didn’t post my knives or anything else when I had a chance to. Since they passed “net neutrality” (Pffft yeah right) passed. IE, Govt controlled internet. I decided to cut back on a lot of my posts and go grey man. Here’s a tip to help you guys out.

    Tips, Tools and How-tos for Safer Online Communications

  11. My girlfriend and I drove to a neighboring town the other week and we drove down the interstate I pointed out the CCTV located on either side of the highway facing on coming traffic I counted 14 of them over a 16 mile distance, she had NEVER NOTICED them before then. Since she was driving I was able to look at them a lot closer and what became apparent was anytime there was a hill, curve or an on/off ramp there was a CCTV there, L-Plate recognition maybe? Facial as well maybe?


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