Are politics and preparedness connected?

Are Politics and Preparedness Related?


Yes. Yes they are. Several months ago I stated I would not write about politics again. I have not held up to that and in fact, I plan on doing a lot more. Some of you have expressed that this is a preparedness website and politics should play no part in it. At the risk of loosing some readers – it’s my site and I believe politics SHOULD play a vital role here at ModernSurvivalOnline. “Why?”, you may ask – because one of the largest threats to our existence and way of life is directly influenced by our government.

Poll after poll on this site as well as others state that most preppers and survivalists are concerned about the United States having an Economic Collapse. Regardless of the specific criteria of what an economic collapse is….the primary cause will be irresponsible governmental fiscal policies. The bottom line is for years and years – but especially worse recently – the United States government has spent MUCH more money than they take in. Our debt has grown to the point that it is very likely that we have literally gone past the point of no return. The is no fixing it. 

Over-regulation and intrusiveness set to the side – our current political system has led to the devaluing of our dollar and reduction of Freedoms. The country which I grew up in and looked to raise my children is WORSE now and continuing down a path of immorality, anti-religion(Christian religion, that is),  and creating generations of entitlement. 

Government is NOT the cure all for everything, however they are within the roots of so much evil and literally are pushing us over the edge in so many ways. The progressive policies of this administration and many of those in Congress – on both sides of the political sphere – are tearing this country down.

To give you a heads up – I am very Conservative in my beliefs. I am a Christian. I am no fan of this Administration nor the liberal/socialist/progressive conglomerate. I try to look at problems and situations dealing with facts, with logic, and with a sense of what is right…..not just what is politically correct or will gain votes at the polls.

If you have different beliefs than me – great! That is not a problem. We can be respectful to each other and in the end as long as you know I am right we will get along just fine.  😉

Take care all – 


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20 thoughts on “Are politics and preparedness connected?”

  1. It is hard, standing at the edge, looking into the abyss…. and not consider, at least a little….. who’s about to give you a shove.

  2. I strongly suspect there is a correlation where survivalist types tend to have political beliefs towards the conservative side of things.

  3. Sir: Perhaps it is ‘my’ sense of awareness… paranoia.. that drives me to say… Isn’t politics that very ‘thing’ that drives the ills of the world? Is our current economic situation the result of bad business or worse policy on the part of government. I’m going on here… do we have nearly 50% of the country feeding off the public teat due to the size of the corn or bean crop or would it be Government Policy to make the masses happy through the next general election cycle. Ouuu I should beg off here or I’ll begin to bore myself to tears.

    with the exception of a Gawdgiven Natural Disaster, What would be ‘our’ greatest concern and motivation to do what this blog supports. That is not a question………..

  4. The very nature of the survivalist mentality is conservative in nature in direct opposition to government handouts. After all we older kids well remember our mothers furiously canning all of the garden produce they could and in some cases home grown meats to conserve the quality of eating during the long cold hard winter months before spring again returned. I do not believe I have enough life remaining to again see spring return to this wonderful country of ours as the pollution caused by the past administrations is too deeply saturated among the populace, so one can only continue to prep, conserve and hold on to what we have. As the old saying goes, put more water in the soup there’s better times a coming.

  5. Thomas T. Tinker- exactly right, we are not here, in these precarious positions because “we the people” have failed our government, but rather it is ‘they’ who have failed the people. And daily our current government adds more bricks to the monument of lawlessness that now defines them.

  6. We used to have premier education in our country.

    Then came NEW MATH. This was quickly followed by the federal Department of Education. And requirements to pass were lowered. Then, we had “no child left behind” which was exactly what should have been done with most of them, because teaching to the lowest capacity learner drags down the whole group.

    This is just one example of government interference gone wrong. There are examples that make this look like a shining success.

    Government was not intended to have its fingers in every aspect of life, it was there for the mutual defense of the country and to regulate interstate commerce. Gradually they have usurped power from every source by their self proclaimed right to do so, all the while ignoring the fact that they did so in violation of the constitution they swore to uphold.

    I suppose that is what we get when politicians, lawyers, and liars are in charge of defending our country.

    This is not the country I knew when I was younger. (Quite some time ago)

    Hopefully, we can return to those days of fewer regulations, laws, departments, low government employee to civilian ratios, low numbers on food stamps or at the government teat. While hopeful, I think we are well past that coming to pass without major upheaval and conflict.

    Maybe. Maybe not. We shall see.

  7. Bring on the politicking… I’ve spent far too long being politically correct, and allowing one political group override my thinking and making decisions about what is good for my well-being, the future of me and mine, as well as society. When the truth comes out from people who are not politically correct, the eyes of sheep are opened.

    My moniker is ThunderBearer, and the thunder that I bear, is that of firearms. 15 years ago last month, I made the foray into firearms, and discovered the lies and deceit that were spread by people who wanted me to be unarmed, unprepared, and unwilling to challenge the so-called authority of others who claimed if it “saves the life of one child”, that we should abandon all Constitutional rights. It is in the years since that I’ve realized that if we don’t talk politics, then nothing gets resolved… nothing gets stopped… and our freedoms further erode away.

  8. rourke, you have a great website and i see nothing wrong with a little “politics” now and then. politics seems to be involved in almost every thing i can think of in one way or another.i also try to stay away from the politics that seems to get into every subject that can come up. some of the worst arguments i,ve seen has been over politics and religion.

  9. If you know the Word of Holy G-d, if you believe it to be true, then you can NOT separate “politics” from what is happening in our world, and what is about to happen, any more than you can separate faith from the same. Personally, I see no reason to separate them. I want the WHOLE picture; not the one that makes frightened, nervous people who just want to avoid conflict and confrontation “comfortable”. I don’t want comfort; I want TRUTH – all of it. Not a weak picture painted by spineless liberals who have one goal: push my personal preferences and agenda down everyone’s throat – FORCE everyone else to see it my way, do it my way. I’m sick of the mess we’re in because of the liberals, and the fact that we have held our silence far too long. Time to fight back! And, NO! We can’t all “just get along”, and that’s o.k., too. Go ahead – rock my boat! I can take it as well as I give it!

  10. “To give you a heads up – I am very Conservative in my beliefs. I am a Christian. I am no fan of this Administration nor the liberal/socialist/progressive conglomerate. I try to look at problems and situations dealing with facts, with logic, and with a sense of what is right…..not just what is politically correct or will gain votes at the polls”.

    Thank you very, very much!! We have been waiting for you to say that for a long time.
    All of you who posted that “this is not the country you, we, and me grew up in” couldn’t be more correct.

    Thanks to the “elite” that claim to be so smart, they have turned our country into a cesspool of stealing, lie’s and deceit to line their pockets and don’t give a rat’s azz if any of us ever take another breath again.
    The link below is one that I found on Monday, it will connect you with YOUR local farmers for non-GMO fruits/veggie’s as well as grass fed beef, pork, chicken and more. The cost is a tad bit higher but your health is priceless.

    Thank you very much again John for all your hard work that brings us all togeather here.
    Robert & Jeanette

  11. Again, Rourke, I think we are twins separated at birth. I am also a Christian Conservative. I realize that there are evil, greedy, rotten leaders on both side of the political aisle. But, personalities aside, the ideology of the Left and Right are VERY different. Liberals will stand outside in the elements for days to protest the execution of a mass murderer, or drive spikes into trees endangering the lives of lumberjacks, to save a spotted owl. But, they fight vociferously to preserve the right to kill the unborn.The Left-leaning media vilifies Judeo/Christian teaching and morals, while they ignore the barbaric actions of Moslems who have designs on enslaving the world. To a liberal, everything they don’t like should be outlawed, and everything they support should be forced down the throats of those who oppose it. The Left perpetuates racism in America. They make excuses for black on white crime, then twist the facts to make white on black crime appear to be greater. These Democrats currently in power are shredding the Constitution of United States to install their Social Utopia. They steal from the producers and give to the listless. Their failed economic policies are evident in every major American city. There is evil intent behind the Left’s drive to disarms us. In this Administration’s eyes, we Patriots in the Prepping Community are potential terrorists. Government Alphabet Soup agencies: DHS, DOJ, FBI, ATF, NSA & IRS are targeting honest, law abiding citizens because we are an obstruction to their plans for conquest. It is naive to think that politics and survival are unrelated. The wolf is at the door…

  12. What’s mine, is yours. Thanks for keeping us all united with MSO. There is strength in numbers. If we are to preserve America as a free nation, we must return to the guidelines set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. One of my favorite quotes of all time is from Thomas Jefferson: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” GOD SAVE THE REPUBLIC!

  13. Irish-7, Servantheart,Rourke,Robert and Jeanette, A big Amen to you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I followed Politics closely up until about 10 oclock on election night 2012 when it became obvious common sense or reality has nothing to do with the process.

    Yes politics belongs on this site and I appreciate the conservative christian brothers and sisters who contribute!

    Ever have some fool roar past you at warp speed on the freeway and say to yourself I will honk as I pass him being pulled over? Here is my solace as it pertains to politics. The majority of the unprepared sheeple will be liberals!


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