Are people digging in?

I am hearing from a growing number of people so concerned with current world events they are stepping up their preps and getting ready to “dig in”.

These people are not quitting their jobs or bugging out however they are taking significant actions to put back more food, medical supplies, firearms – and those items which would be needed related to what they feel is coming. What is it that is concerning people? Well – just watch the nightly news or read the newspaper to see:

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Increasing tensions between Ukraine and Russia and Russia and the United States. Illegal immigrants pouring into this country by the thousands threatening us with disease and corruption of our way of life. Potential terror threats as radical Islamism gains power and become more motivated….and capable. Ebola is spreading AND mutating with the potential to become airborne. Race tensions are growing and progress made over decades are threatened to be reversed. Political division is growing as Conservatism and Liberalism grow further apart. Continued fiscal irresponsibility as the Federal Debt grows well over 17 trillion dollars with no sign of slowing. Healthcare is getting more and more expensive  and quality of care for many decreases. Rights of citizens continue to be broken as governmental stomping on our Constitutional rights happen. No doubt much has been left out.

I am sure many people may say that there have been numerous times in the past when it seemed pretty dire and everything turned out OK. Hopefully these times will be just another example of those times.

What are your thoughts? Are we nearing the tipping point?


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23 thoughts on “Are people digging in?”

  1. I am digging in for now. Dirty Harry said ” A man has to know his limitations”, and I know mine. I prefer the term “Self Reliant”, Iv’e been called a prepper, a survivalist and paramilitary. It’s question of when not if crap happens. I believe we are already in a state of phase 1 (ROL) leading to WROL. Why?, Because the Authorities are the ones that undermine, usurp and out break the laws and defy the constitution from the top down and breaking there oath’s. It is they who are the internal terrorist not the people. Evidence is everywhere you look

  2. I think you’re right. More people are becoming increasingly aware of the many problems facing this country. Another example, I take big issue with govt calculated Inflation numbers. Tame right? I think reality is far different from govt stats. Just look at the “new ergonomic size” items, which cut back the amount of product, while keeping the price the same. Prices of food. What a circus. Dont even get me started on how the dollar has devalued. Anyone interested might check James Richards “Currency Wars” and “The Death of Money”.

    We’re doing several “preps” to raise part of our own food as a hedge against the many things which could hit the fan. We also are working on all the other areas and constantly learning. Thank you for this website. @zenblaster

  3. There are several saying’s that I remember growing hearing. (When you see the seasons change, you know that winter is coming), (red dawn at morning sailor take warning,red sky at night sailors delight)etc. We have food supply being hit by droughts and floods in some cases, Financial system in shambles, Ponzy scheme from the Feds, Fiats etc. Cities going broke. Freedoms being attacked and restricted and disguised as “for your safety”.

  4. Great ZenBlaster. Just a thought guys. Keep this in mine as more people wake up and do what we do, competition for getting your supplies will increase and may impact availability and price. Not a bad thing. Consider backyard farming to what ever degree you can. Chickens, Rabbits,Quail and Ducks can be be raised in small area’s and there dropping used for fertilizer. If you can’t raise meat, buy it and can it, cure it, dry it, that way you wont need to burn electricity to store it.

  5. Dave,
    Go to the Daily Collapse Report (scroll down on the left margin)

    “According to reports, the team of researchers, under the Broad Institute in Massachusetts and Harvard University, analyzed more than 99 Ebola virus genomes which were collected from 78 patients diagnosed with the disease in Sierra Leona in the first 24 days of the current outbreak. Dr Pardis Sabeti, a senior associate member at the Broad Institute and an associate professor at Harvard University, who was among leaders of the research, said “by making the data immediately available to the community, we hope to accelerate response efforts.”

  6. I’m trying to produce most of our food. Already started planting the fall garden. I’ve been enriching the soil with compost either from the compost pit or by composting the green stalks of the previous plantings.
    I’m definitely going to “bug in”, dig in, and stand fast to protect what is the fruit of my labors from all comers. I already have 7 additional mouths to feed if the SHTF in the form of my children and grandchildren. Getting ready on a fixed income “ain’t” easy.

  7. Dave-How about thinking like this for a second.

    All previous “outbreaks” were very high mortality but low numbers of infected people. Easily contained to villages or remote regions.

    This is different, health care workers that are very well versed in universal precautions, donning and doffing of PPE are becoming infected and dying with this disease. Even with stringent hazardous bio-infection protocols in place. The virology and epidemiology is different this go round, much different.

  8. Another example of the mutation was the report from the Democratic Republic of Congo. They have also been struck. However, the strain of Ebola is different than that in West Africa.

    The question I have is this. There have been items in the news about some universities screen exchange students for ebola. What’s this?

  9. There is also the growing potential for violent confrontation between the citizens of this country and agents of tyranny from their own government. We witnessed the closest thing to internal armed conflict, in my lifetime, when federal agents from the BLM showed up in Nevada to confiscate the cattle of one rancher. It is my belief that those agents only retreated because they knew, if one shot was fired, Americans across this nation were ready to rise up. While most believe that our Civil War was fought over slavery, that is an over simplification. Three quarters of a million southerners, mostly farmers and mountain men, did not take to the battlefield in order to protect the rights of a few wealthy plantation owners to own slaves. They fought because the federal government was exerting what was seen as unconstitutional control over their way of life. History may soon be repeating itself but, this time, it won’t just be the south against government oppression.

  10. re: Ebola: Despite all precautions, we now hear of medical workers that aren’t even in contact with patients coming down with the disease. It seems to me that the most likely source would be from material taken from the wards, moved through other areas, and though ‘disposed of properly’, there is actual transmission through the air, at distances further than can be explained.

    We now have the largest garden in place, and the largest harvest in sight than we have ever had. We will have stored or canned enough to tide us over for the next year if it comes to that. In the interim, we are still buying and ‘putting by’ as much as we can.

    Locally, we get 50 pounds of potato’s, use what we normally do, but can the rest. The result is minimal loss due to not being able to eat so much as comes in a 50 pound box. The benefit: canning the potato’s tends to cook them, so when we come home from work, a quart along with some veggies and eggs becomes dinner, and usually lunch the next day.

    Just one of the ways we are getting ready for a questionable future.

  11. As I watch world events unfold on a daily basis, my sense of erdge that drives me to prep seems to almost bust out of my chest, I’m not sure what’s coming, but there’s a indescribable feeling I have that grows stronger by the day…. I think it’s whatever is coming, will be here soon! I’ve only been prepping for about 2 years now, and am frantically prepping every since, there’s SO much I still need and have to do! I just hope I have a couple more years to prepare… But I often wonder…

  12. A number of years ago on this site, I said I wasn’t interested in stockpiling at that time. I would wait till things seemed bad. It is my firm belief that every once in a while the world likes or needs to go crazy. The most recent were WW1 and WW2 with a number of localized events also. Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda for one example but there are many more occurring presently in this continent, S. America, C. America, several areas in Asia, The Middle East, parts of Europe, Africa and some places that don’t make the news. Today, I sense we are getting ready for another world wide psychotic event. You mentioned there were similar times in the past where everything worked out OKay But there were a substantial number of times where things did not work out well. I am currently beginning to acquire some extra supplies and looking over lists of items to gather but I still hold to the belief we are not at end times yet and it may not occur in my lifetime but it is a time to make some extra preparations and hope that if something does happen, it will be less than a worst case event and hope America’s luck continues to run. I’ll be pleased when I wake up on 9/12 and nothing has happened.
    I do keep on hand enough supplies to last a few months if necessary. Just my random thoughts.

  13. Are people digging in? I believe that answer is yes. I think many people have this uneasy feeling, and although many may not say it out loud, they are concerned and are taking more steps to be prepared for future events.

  14. I believe there is something in the winds that is starting to worry even the “what, me worry” types. Here lately I have gotten a number of requests for information and instruction on surviving various scenarios. If the interest continues I may draw up some materials and offer a free class on our local freecycle. The level of interest is the highest I have seen for many years. Harold

  15. DrSique, this explanation of the Civil War was invented after the fact in the South. If you look at the evidence from the writings of the time in books, pamphlets, newspaper and magazine articles, the issue was slavery and the expansion of slavery and nothing else. The South seceded when Lincoln was elected on a platform of restricting slavery to where it already was.
    Treehood, it doesn’t have to be the end times as Christians understand it for people to need to seriously prepare. There have been many terrible long term disasters in the world’s history where people have suffered greatly and died in droves without the world ending. In fact the smaller and more localized the disaster the more likely it is. Personal financial reverses, job loss, accident and illness, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and earthquakes, could all more easily withstood by some simple prepping.
    As far as people becoming more aware of something coming, yes I have been watching this for several years. But mostly what I see is people talking more about how maybe they should be more prepared in the same way that they say that they know they should lose 20 pounds. Talk is as far as it gets. Oh maybe they’ll buy a couple of canisters of propane for the camp stove, or put a case of bottled water in the basement just enough to make then feel like they’ve done something and thus relieve the anxiety.
    Denial is a standard human practice for dealing with trouble.
    One person that I am close to at work is very aware of what is coming and says “you know, I’m just not doing enough to get ready, but I don’t have the money.” He eats out more often than in, spent $1500 per birthday for himself and his girlfriend, travels, likes nice clothes and furniture and can’t afford some stored food and water.

  16. I have been prepping for 20 years. I have stepped up even more. This is all worse than it has been in an y or all of the years I have been doing this. Too much at one time. Now this entovirus going around up here and moving and spreading coming from all the illegals and the kids Obama dumped up here in the plains and upper plains.

  17. I agree that something bad is coming, whether by design or by accident, who knows? I also have been prepping and intend to “bug in” as a previous contributor called it. I supply my own water with a well, I have a reasonable size generator and a large bulk tank of gasoline. I have enough split fire wood for a winter, and a good supply of propane for supplemental heat and a cook stove. I know that I will never remember everything I should. Even though I am only keeping about a month ahead on food,I am trying to keep a large supply of trade goods. I don’t really expect to weather this by myself, nor do I want to. I am getting to know a couple others that I feel that I can count on. I am a licensed ham radio operator, so comm. won’t be a problem. I teach Land-Nav, so finding my way around without a gps will not be a problem. Despite this, I will probably never feel that I am as prepared as I should be. Gotta keep trying!


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