AR spare parts kit from Choate…..

The awesome folks at Choate, Machine and Tool sent me one of their Essential Parts Kit for the AR line of firearms. I have a ton of magazines and lots of ammo for my Stag AR and always had spare parts on my list of things to get. 

One of the things I really like about this spare parts kit is it comes complete and saves the time (and money) of having to order everything individually. If one thing is true about firearms is that spare parts are not usually this easy to come by, its not like cars and car parts where you can just hop online to a site like and buy a new muffler or headlight for your Honda Accord. With a spare parts kit, you get a large number of the parts you will likely need eventually anyway after normal wear and tear.


The Choate AR-15/M16 Essential Parts Kit contains the following:

  • extractor
  • extractor pin
  • extractor spring assemblies (2)
  • selector/safety detent spring
  • selector/safety detent
  • takedown/pivot pin detent
  • takedown/pivot pin detent spring
  • takedown pin
  • pivot pin
  • hammer/trigger pin
  • bolt gas rings (3)

What is awesome is the entire kit is super compact and will fit in the same space as two CR123 batteries end to end.

For more information click HERE.


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4 thoughts on “AR spare parts kit from Choate…..”

  1. you would do well to add a firing pin retainer pin as well. I have broken ONE in 30 years of messing with them but without it, you are pretty well stuck in the mud!

  2. I just received my two spare parts kits from Choate. You may answer this to my email if you want.
    What was the price that you quoted in the promotion. I cannot remember if it was below the Choate retail price.


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