Magpul AR magazines

I was looking around at the AR-15Tactical.comwebsite – and found they have some great prices on Magpul AR magazines. I wanted to pass this info on to my readers.

Here is the low-down:

Magpul 30-rd PMAG with window – $15.99 . [NOTE:I have quite a few of these and the best price I have paid in the past was $17.99]

Magpul 30-rd PMAG no window – $12.99 . [NOTE:I have quite a few of these as well and the best price I have paid in the past was $15.99]

If you are in the market for some AR mag’s – this should be of interest to you.


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  1. After reading your blog over the past year it’s nice to finally find out more about who is doing the writing. Makes it more like the good advice is coming from a friend. I do have some questions about putting personal information out. Do you worry about people in your community “discovering” that you are prepared to survive or do you figure that if they stumble upon your blog they will be in the same mindset? Are you worried that your house may become a target for looters?

    • What if it is today –

      Thanks for the comment and reading of my blog. I do have some concerns about my identity – but they are minor. Maybe I am nieve – but I am not overly concerned. I believe that – depending upon what the disaster is – suburban neighborhoods like I live in will be targeted for looting. Not just my home — but all. This s a problem that I am hopefully going to be dealing with shortly. I am putting together a bug out plan and will be having a location approx 3.5 hours away to go to (if I determine the need). I decided months ago to do this blog – as an outlet for me to voice my thoughts and as a way to connect with others. Hopefully it will prove to be worth it.

      Thanks – Rourke

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