April 13th, 2029

I recently found out that on Friday April 13, 2029 an asteroid will come very, very close to Earth. So close in fact that it will pass between the Earth and many satellite orbits. In much of the research that I have read – scientists state that the asteroid will come close – but will not come in contact with the planet. I hope they are right – although in the back of my mind I wonder if there is a chance that the orbit may be effected and changed prior to its final approach. Should the asteroid come in contact with Earth – it will be a catastrophic disaster the likes of which modern man has not seen.

Here is a picture of the calculated path of travel for the asteroid:


So – how big is this asteroid? Research indicates it is approx. 400 meters across. The odds of the asteroid impacting Earth – according to NASA – is 1 in 300. When I read that – “1 in 300” – I was shocked. I have to be honest – that is scary. Imagine having a gun that has a cylinder that holds 300 rounds – and you have to load one bullet in it, spin the cylinder, then put the gun to your head and pull the trigger. That would be very scary.

For more info follow the article link below:


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  1. In january 2010 a NEO passed inside our telecommunication satelites. It was large enough to do considerable damage. We had eight days warning.

  2. Considering we have, as of present day, no technology that can alter the situation.
    Perhaps we should take solace in the fact that it occurs 2 days before taxes are due.

  3. I was at a medical conference about 3 years ago and spoke with a man about this near earth asteroid which I believe is also known as “99942 Apophis”. There’s a lot of information about it if you google it – some seem factual and some seems to be doomsday predictions. The man I spoke with seemed very astute with numbers and calculation and if my memory is correct said he had done some contract work for NASA as well. His projections had the asteroid as near earth miss in 2029 but when it came back in 2036 as a direct hit. From the reading I’ve done it appears that the 2036 trajectory is predicted to be further away from earth than the 2029 pass. He did believe the 2036 hit would be mass distinction hit and painted some super bad scenarios. He didn’t ask me to believe him or take him for his word but suggested that I look it up on the net and keep an eye on it. He also mentioned it’s why NASA was ended it’s shuttle program – so that it could shift resources to develop ways to steer it off it’s current orbit (one that earth’s not in) or land on and blow apart (I don’t think Bruce Willis or Ben Fleck will volunteer for this mission).

    I’m not sure if the recent asteroid landing is coincidence or if it backs up this man’s theory but I do believe Apophis might be worth keeping an eye on.

  4. Don’t worry about it. You have to know, deep down, that if something were going to do serious damage along the lines of an extinction level event that TPTB will cover their own butts and not tell anyone else.

    Then, anyone that tries to warn the rest of us will be labeled as a crackpot or conspiracy theorist. Oh, that’s what their doing now, oops.

    On a more serious note, it would be kind of nice if we could convince government to hide out for a few months over something that doesn’t exist. It would show their true colors, which I believe is mostly yellow.

  5. Any way this thing could be steered to impact dead center of Washington, DC, assuming it’s still there by then? As Eric Holder stated…”let no crisis go unused”. Why not capitalize on such an event for maximum benefit of the country?

  6. It would be of concern to a significant number of people, but the reality is that this is not a “global killer” kind of asteroid. 400 meters is significant… and well… here, let’s let some astronomy guys comment..

    350 m 5000 6.0 Destroys area the size of a
    small state. Ocean impacts produce

    700 m 15,000 12 Land impact destroys Virginia,
    Tiawan and ocean impact causes
    major tsunami.


    Don’t get me wrong… I still don’t want to be at ground zero..

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