Anyone wonder why CNN rankings are so low?





























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  1. after their story about a black hole sucking the aircraft in, and the next day the pound Fox news for a report on a possible link with Pakistani terrorists. I said enough.

  2. I do not believe anything will run on an empty fuel tank. If this is their idea of news no wonder people are tuning them out.

  3. they should change their name to APC (American [Government] Propaganda Channel)
    or LPC (Liberal Propaganda Channel)
    do any of their journalists (A’la Feinstein) even know the meaning of words like truth, or faithfulness (to their audience and the truth)?

  4. So does that mean that if the fuel tanks are full that they will have stability and maintain altitude? So many questions left unanswered…but I trust CNN will give me the news I what to hear.

  5. Just as good, I heard on Fox that these airplanes weren’t designed to fly close to the ground. Ever wonder how they land?

    I have one answer to the so-called experts who clamor endlessly about why airplanes crash. GRAVITY you morons, gravity.

    All of the photos of the black box show orange. So why persist in calling it a black box? Stupidity!

    Every pilot knows what makes airplanes fly – money and a lot of it. Experienced pilots know that airplanes. like firearms, all too often give the lesson before providing the experience. That is why new pilots have a large bag of luck and old pilots have a large bag of experience.

    My personal opinion about the whole mystery is that it is the fault of aliens

    (from Malaysia).


  6. Recent surveys suggest CNN generates more “facepalms” than any other news (chuckle) network. MSNBC would win but nobody is watching them anymore….

  7. Produced by Captain Obvious no doubt.
    Ya got wonder though, did all 12 of their viewers think “damn, I never thought of that?”

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