Anyone make the “commitment” for October?

I received a couple of responses to my “Make a commitment for one month” post from September 26th.

In that post I challenged everyone to spend a small amount of extra money on preparedness supplies every time a store is entered. These small items could be rice, water, a candle, fish hooks, band-aides, dried beans, a can of soup – whatever.

I can only find two of the responses that I received (from Wyzyrd and Amber W). If you participated please send me your list and picture. If you already sent it to me – please resend to emergencycd (@)


Thanks – Rourke

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  1. Got a bonus check from work that was totally unexpected. I was able to buy a used Mossburg 590, 250 rounds, almost 100 pounds of rice, and 50 pounds of pintos. Working hard at getting a genny for the home.

    Thanks Rouke, you rock with this website.

  2. I made the commitment and have since added an extra 25lbs of barboiled rice (about $11 at Sam’s club), another 5 lbs of tinned chicken breast, and an emergency battery-charger/air compressor/phone charger/flashlight (this was a planned purchase, but another tick on my preparedness wish list.

  3. Hey brother sorry
    We purchased 4 hurricane lamps ($8 something ea) and 2 bottles of kerosene from Walmart.
    I get the pics later


  4. Weekly on our errands to the grocery store etc., we pick up items, like extra canned goods, ammo, first aid supplies.
    Sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the weekly finances.

  5. After ‘end of month October’ my local Dollar Store got another shipment of black plastic “dishpans” intended to be “motor oil drain pans”. These will NOT work “as bought’ in Northern Montana in February, etc. (add insulation), but if you fill them with water in the morning in much of the country, much of the year, cover with cheap clear plastic sheet, and leave them in the sun all day, you WILL burn your hand when you start doing after-dinner dishes. I picked up all 12 they had. I was in VA, and we had a hot, dry, sunny year, (except for storms in April/May) back in 2001, but I never had to put dishwater on the fire between May and October. A solar-powered hot water installation for a ten-spot or so.

  6. Yes we did in our household. We took it to the point of setting aside $25/week. We bought 500 rounds of 5.56 for the ARs and a few cases of canned goods

  7. We didn’t make a hard commitment for the month, just whatever we could afford on our trips to the store.
    We managed to pick up, 25# rice, canned chicken, 6 cans chili, 6 cans soup, 10# pinto beans, AA batteries, 550 rounds .22, bottle of rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, tube of neosporin, Ball canning book and a Spyderco Tenacous (splurge but for $20 I couldn’t pass it up). I will send a pic tomorrow.

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