Another reason why I’m not a Republican

I’m sure you’ve heard about Cantor’s election loss to David Brat, whose main financer was an auto repair shop. The experts are busy interpreting what this must mean, as usual they get it mostly wrong. I think a slight rewrite of Thomas Jefferson’s famous quote fits well “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of incumbents”. Cantor’s loss is being portrayed as “extremist TEA PARTY growing pains” by the leftist media, what else would we expect? In reality it is a direct result of the angst of the voters and their determination not to go down without a fight.
The thought from here in the trenches was that Boehner (already considering whether to run for speaker again) would see the writing on the wall….. and not. That someone like Jeb Hensarling would take his spot as Speaker and  Cantor could be replaced with someone with a more constitutional mindset. It appears that the tin eared leaders of the establishment aren’t paying attention.
The establishment plans on replacing their #2 with their #3, Kevin McCarthy…. a Cantor clone and now Boehner wants to stay 2 more years… a symptom of “bubble think”.  It seems clear that more bloodletting will be required. On a more positive note the word on the street is that Idaho congressmen Raul Labrador is considering running for Cantor’s position. I called his office and spoke to one of his people. I told her I would fully support him with e-mails and phone calls if he decided to run, though I could not guaranty  that those answering my calls and reading my e-mails would care. She would neither confirm nor deny his considerations but insisted she would pass on my support.
I know this is all fairly boring stuff but wanted you to know that many of us are still carrying on the fight, an important fight I think to many are ignoring.
John Gault
Contributing Editor

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  1. Not sure of the thought process of not being a Republican based on the recent events with Cantor… It was a group of pouting, “I’ll take my ball and go home..” conservatives, that failed to turn out for Romney that gave us four more years of Obama/Holder…

    Stay home and “wish” they were more conservative will keep that weasel Reid in charge of the senate in 2014 and Billery in 2016… wow.. Talk about cutting noses off.. Stay in the system or suffer the consequences…

    • Joel –

      I will let Mr. Gault speak for himself however I do not believe that he is suggesting to abandon the system at all. In fact – he mentioned about supporting the candidate that beat Cantor in the general election. From what I see he is merely dis-aligning himself with a party that has lost its ways. Republicans need to get on board with Conservatism and the beliefs that made this country great rather than that which they believe will poll the best.

      Today the term “Republican” means something different than it did back in the 80’s.

      Let’s hope that changes for the better.


  2. I will be the first person to admit, I am NOT happy with the Republican Party for the past few years. They have abandoned their principles that drew me to support them over 3 decades ago. But, angry as I am, I won’t re-register as an Independent. I support the more conservative candidates, no matter if they affiliate with the Tea Party or not. I have a bad feeling that a split between the current GOP establishment and the Tea Party will hand the midterm Elections over to the Democrats. For those that doubt our country can slip even further into the abyss, consider what Barry will do with total control of Congress. The Republicans have an opportunity to take the Senate and maintain the House in November. This will not bring the changes required to put the nation on the right track, because Barry will veto every bill they send to the White House. However, control of Capitol Hill can obstruct Progressive plans to reshape America as a Socialist Mecca. Conservatives are losing the information war. Liberals own 90% of the information that reaches the public: 1) TV & print news. 2) Public school system, colleges & universities. 3) Hollywood. For those who seek the truth about the real status of our nation, this is a massive obstacle to overcome. Talk radio and the internet are the only methods for us to communicate, and both are under constant attack by the Democrats in power. Sending Eric Cantor to the Unemployment Office is a good start. We should be vocal with the remaining Congressmen and Senators, reminding them what “We The People” want from our elected officials.

  3. That kind of thinking is what keeps us getting these loser progressives (aka rhino republicans). Every election the establishment puts up a Romney/John McCain type and tells us to hold our nose and vote for the lesser of two evils! I for one am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils! If the dem is heading us toward the cliff at 100mph and the lesser of two evils progressive republican is heading us there at 50mph are we not still headed for the cliff! Personally I think something dramatic has changed in this country! I don’t think the majority of Americans want a Godly, constitionalist, small government minded president! They want a government that tells them what, when, and where they can wipe there rear and just how many sheets of tp they can use! Lol! I guess I am pretty pessimistic on the future of this country! As long as the guberment checks keep coming and “Dancing with the Stars” is on let’s just keep on fiddling while Rome (America) burns seems to be the current mentality. To heck with our kids future seems to be the current trend. I guess maybe a lot of future pain and suffering might wakeaAmericans up. Anyway, I for one don’t plan on voting for anymore progressives! At least I will know I voted for a candidate that I truly believed in instead of the lesser of two evils candidate!

    • Ken –

      “That kind of thinking ” – which thinking are you referring? Are you responding to the post or one of the comments to it?

      Thanks – Rourke

  4. I have chosen to be a member of the Independence Party, not because I am less conservative than republicans but, because they are not conservative enough. While there are two sides to the argument about fighting from the inside, as always, I believe that participating as a republican would show them that I support them. I do not. I grew up in a home full of democrats who believed that the republicans were nothing more than a corporate welfare machine. They are. Now, the democrats, who once represented working Americans, only represent those who won’t work or are working illegally. Sort of leaves one feeling like we are now being taxed without representation. Personally, I feel that this lack of honest, functional government cannot go on forever and that the next crash will bring about enormous civil unrest(read violence). The Fed has been dumping millions of dollars into the markets, every month, for years. What could possibly go wrong??!!!

  5. Not happy with the Republicans? The current Democrat administration is the most corrupt since that of Nixon.

    I think the Tea Party folks use the Republican Primary System.


  6. Joel, to be honest I’m really not sure how to respond to your comment. 1st let me say that this was originally an e-mail to Rourke, who by now knows well where I stand on political issues. Had I known he would post it (which is fine, he can post anything I say) I might not have taken certain things for granted. That being said I still think you’ve interpreted things not said. Just so you know where I stand; I’m a conservative, voted in every election since Hector was a pup and the last Democrat I voted for was way back in… hell… I can’t remember, might have been Carter. I agree with you that “abstaining” from the process is a mistake but I suppose some get tired of voting for people that don’t represent their true beliefs, that don’t represent them. Voting for “the lessor of 2 evils” may be justifiable but it gets old, frustrating, hopeless.

    Irish-7, pretty much spot on!

    Ken, dead on. I believe we each have the individual and collective right, and perhaps every obligation to influence our politics.

    Panhandle Rancher, yes, in this 2 party system the Tea Party works within the Republican Party….. the Party of “Liberty”… sort of…

  7. Gene, your comment reminds me of something MLK said “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

  8. Was that John Gault or John Galt? (I kid) Glad to hear you got your head in the game. No one is more tired of the Republicans line of old men waiting next to run for president(or senate or mayor…whatever) with the ‘hey I’m next…’ attitude. But anyone who isn’t afraid for this country, given the lawless progressive rule of Obama, just isn’t paying attention. We need to at least fight the good fight before withdrawing from the field. I for one am tired of having to vote for individuals that won’t carry the fight to those who would ‘fundamentally change America…’ Will someone please stand up?

  9. Joel,

    Don’t wait for your neighbor, why don’t you stand up? I did and political office was a wonderful experience.


  10. We need a real Statesman or Stateswoman- not a politician.I vote for the person- not a
    party. We need leaders with good values and morals and integrity and courage . As kipling said ” If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you …”
    The pen is mighty- we all must be involved by participating -be it running for office ,sending e mails, calling, signing petitions etc.
    You all may want to check out Impeach him now. (I dont know the background of Floyd from
    Va. but I sure want to the current leader impeached a.s.ap.)
    Good to see so many responses !!! Arlene

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